Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekend Away Part 2

This past weekend has been our children's Spring Break. I say weekend because instead of a whole week like I had growing up, they give my kids three days off. (The complaining in my voice is for you Lisa.)

Anyway, we had such a great time at Thanksgiving Pointe last time, we decided to do the same thing for Spring Break but instead we headed downtown.
I managed to take one picture the whole time we were gone--this one just as we were leaving. Seeing the top of toothsome #4's head as she ran away from her siblings, fit because the whole trip was spent chasing my crazy baby! She has gotten really fast.
Through Hotwire, we got a great deal at the Hilton Hotel and the fun began! Here is the list of what we did:

1. Ate at the Mikado (Japanese Restaurant) downtown. They gave us our own private room--most likely because I don't think people with four kids under the age of 8 visit very often and they wanted to keep us contained. The kids loved it and my husband and I (who are both very unflexible--bad enough that it prevented both us from ever getting the President's Award growing up) only had numb legs from sitting Indian style for 1/2 of the meal. We also learned that your can eat shrimp tales--courtesy of toothsome #3. Even when we told him not to, he did and claimed they were very good and crunchy.

2. Swam MANY times at the very nice hotel pool. Again, we were the only ones that we saw with small kids and were probably the only ones to actually use the pool. We did meet lots of nice adults relaxing in the hotel hot tub after long hours of skiing.

3. Took our kids to a Utah Blaze Game. Strangest combination of sport's fans I have personally ever been a witness to--from people with young families like us to girls dressed like street walkers. Maybe they were or maybe I just am not current enough to know that what they were wearing was high fashion.

4. Went to the Children's Museum--Discovery Gateway and became year long members. It really is the BEST children's museum I have ever been to and it was SO worth it to pay the extra $2.50 to go to the Body Exhibit. So, if you are in town . . .

5. Saw Horton Hears a Who. Cute movie--better than I expected.

6. Ate at the Olive Garden and somehow were stupid enough to order $16 worth of frozen lemonade drinks for the kids. Drinks that they only took a few sips of. We should be seasoned enough parents by now but obviously not. However, I was seasoned enough to notice that toothsome # 4 didn't look good and grabbed her out of the high chair just in time to have her throw- up all over me instead of on the high chair and table. Fortunately, that was the only time she did throw-up and was just fine once we got back to the hotel.

7. Ate breakfast at McDonald's every morning because our hotel didn't provide a Continental breakfast and we weren't willing to shell out $16 for a bowl of cereal. My kids have never been in so much McDonald's heaven.

It really was a fun get away despite my sarcastic comments and because we were gone all weekend, I have delayed celebrating Easter by one week. The weather should be better (even though right now it is a glorious 60 degrees) and I won't have to stand in line for an hour to get a Honey Baked Ham. Also, my sister and fam are coming in town tomorrow, and it will be fun to celebrate with them next Sunday.


Gabriela said...

Wow-it sounds like you guys had a great time-what a great idea to take a trip in your own area. I bet your kids will have great memories of it.

And I LOVE McDonalds breakfast-egg mcmuffins are really about the only fast food I get excited about.

michelle said...

Sounds so fun! Good for you, makes me want to copy you!

Janice said...

Gabriela: I am a hashbrowns and McGridles fan.

love.boxes said...

I want to do Easter over.. It came and went too quickly. I really like it to be in the middle of April.. one holiday at a time. So.. I might have a do-over and celebrate with you! :)

I forgot to buy asaragus for Sunday afterall. :)

Paige said...

Fun! Maybe that's what we'll have to do for our spring break. We DO get a whole flippin week off, and I have no idea what we'll do.

Jane Anne said...

You need to go up to the Treehouse Childrens Museum in downtown Ogden. It will take a little under an hour to get there but well worth it on a day when the children are out of school, especially when the weather is not very good outside. The museum is based on literature and the arts as opposed to the science of The Children's Museum. Both museums are great but the Ogden one is less known but is really a gem of a find. I'm sure your children would love it and I think you would too!