Thursday, September 29, 2011

11 Year Old Scout Camp Out--Back Yard Style

Dentist Husband and I are the scout leaders for the 11 year olds in our ward.  There is a tradition in this area that one of the camp outs in the backyard of the 11 year old scout leaders.  So, this past weekend, we did it.  

Here is most of the boys with Dentist husband at the start of it.  Our first activity was an hour service project, picking up trash in the area.  

 Setting up the tent.
 About 20 minutes into it, our neighbor brought this game over for the boys to play.  
 We had the boys cook their own steaks for dinner.  

 Afterwards, we had them light "pop can" fires.  We went through two full boxes of matches. 

 Once it was dark, we played "Tron Soccer."  I bought a glow stick soccer ball  and about 200 glow sticks.    The boys wore glow sticks on their wrists and shoes and we taped one vertically on the front of their shirt and one horizontally on their back.  We had two teams, (blue and green) of four boys each.  We set up a small soccer field, using red and orange glow sticks and used some cones, wrapped in red glow sticks as the goal markers.  Honestly, this was incredibly fun and we played for over an hour.  
 Afterwards, the boys came back to our house for marshmallow roasting.  

 At 10:00 pm, it was lights out.  
The boys slept.  I didn't.  I had a fear that one of the boys would wake up in the middle of the night, realize they were walking distance from their own house and walk home.  So, any cough, rolling over, or noise I heard, I was up.  (Dentist husband and Toothsome #1 slept outside the tent on a tarp.  I was in the house, with the windows open, on the sofa.)  Not one boy left the tent that night.  Wish I would have known that beforehand.  :) 

Anyway, it was a great camp out.  I have a feeling Tron Soccer is going to become an annual tradition.  

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Non nobis, Domine - Patrick Doyle

When I was a Mormon missionary on Temple Square, I discovered this song.  Almost every morning, (I am sure to my various companion's annoyance), I would listen to this while getting ready for the day.  Honestly, I find this an incredibly moving piece of music.  And, I am a sucker for great tenor lines and this song has it in spades.  Listen to it once and then watch this below.  I think Kenneth Branagh is a master of Shakespeare and this, with the music at the end makes this an almost perfect moment on screen.

Non nobis, Domine is from Psalms 115:1 "Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake." (King James Version)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Hop

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Friday, September 16, 2011

This made me laugh

At a recent wedding, I took a picture on my iphone of my nephew messing around with my husband.  They moved right as I snapped the photo but it was a perfect "messed up shot" because I caught my 12 year making this face.  I have LAUGHED OUT LOUD more than once about this photo.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a weekend!

My nephew got married over Labor Day weekend.  We ended up having a ton of family staying at our house and it was a busy, and very fun time.

Here we are at the reception.  We will end up using a similar one for our Christmas card photo.  

 Dentist husband with one of the fake mustaches provided.  They had a large picture frame and these fake mustaches and someone took pictures of you posing.  It was fun and different.
 My kids and other cousins climbing over the water feature.  This was probably NOT allowed.  
 My girls
 Also this weekend, Toothsome #2 and my dad had their birthdays.  They were born on the same day, 68 years apart.  
 My girls in their matching Halloween pajamas.  They begged for these and I finally consented if they agreed to wear them all winter.  Honestly, they look so dang cute in them!
 A lot of Dance Party 2 was done in my basement.  It was really fun to see my kids doing this with their older cousins.  
Great weekend!