Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Merry Leap Day Everyone!

If you don't watch 30 Rock, watch the above clip and you will understand.  

My kids watched this episode with us last week and ever since then, we have been singing the Leap Day William song in our house.  In a very spur of the moment decision, I decided to create Leap Day events at our house this morning.  

A quick trip to the grocery store made it so I could have these Leap Day baskets waiting for them.  
 Balloons and streamers in Leap Day colors--blue and yellow.
 Me, wearing Leap Day colors.  On a side note, I have been wearing my hair longer and straighter than usual and have received a lot of positive feed back.  

And, for food, I purchased Lox and Bagels from Einsteins for my kids.  No true Leap Day reason, just that my kids love lox.  

And, since I was at the grocery store, I decided to make these Baskets Full of Sunshine for my visiting teachers.  I copied this from my friend Lisa.  I will drop these off tomorrow.  Gray Utah winters require fake sun, since we don't see it much here.  
Happy Leap Day everyone!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let there be snow . . .

Like most of the country, we in Utah have not had a very cold winter.  For a snow loving fool like me, it has made this winter no fun.  In my attempts to get snow to fall, I have resorted to opening my back door and hollering, "Let there be snow!" hoping to reach the snow gods and encourage them to grant my little spot on earth with snow.  

Anyway, a few Saturdays ago, we woke up to snow.  That meant, ignore breakfast, no showers and let's quickly grab our winter gear and go sledding.  (Before the snow melted).
 We were only the 2nd people on the sledding hill and we had a wonderful time.  (Dentist Husband and Toothsome #1 took advantage of the clear skies and went flying.)  

That same weekend, my brother and his youngest son came out to go skiing.  It sounds like they found some great snow too.  (His oldest son is here going to college and spent most of the weekend at our house too.) 

 As they were leaving, I realized I hadn't take any pictures and quickly had these two taken.  Not very flattering of any of us, but I think my brother looks fantastic at age 51.  
It was a great day (and great weekend with my brother and nephew here).  So, I will continue to holler, "Let there be snow!" daily and one of these days, it might just happen again. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day at our House

 In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, Valentine's boxes were made.  Here is Toothsome #3 with his shark box.  He had help from Toothsome #2.  You pull the string and the mouth opens.  
 Toothsome #2 with her refrigerator box.  All of my kids handed out mini cans of Sprite (something started by my oldest several years ago) and she thought a refrigerator would be funny.  

Valentine's Day morning.  My kids wake up and I have cut out hearts all over our kitchen counter with a small gift from me.  This year it was Buckycubes for everyone.  

 Toothsome #4, on her own, made these for her pre-school party.  This was all her idea and I found her in the kitchen, drawing and cutting out brown paper hearts.  Again, I did NOTHING to help her with this except to have the toothbrushes, candy and Sprite's in the house.  She did the rest.  
 Every year, my parents and I mail each other heart-shaped boxes of Sees Candy.  The leftover box becomes part of my Valentine's decorations.  

Around 12:00, the doorbell rang, and a florist delivered two dozen roses from Dentist Husband.    12 lavender ones for Toothsome #4 and 12 red ones for me.  
 Toothsome #4 on the phone with Dentist Husband.  She was so thrilled!  

My flowers.

Dentist Husband had 12 pink roses sent up the school for Toothsome #2.  She was the celebrity of the school and I had a ton of moms and teachers stop me (I helped in two of my kids classrooms that day) and say what an amazing father Dentist husband is.  (FYI:  For years, I have asked Chris not to get me anything for Valentine's Day except to go out to dinner.  I have always viewed being able to be home with my kids as "gift enough."  Two years ago, he said, "I have to teach our boys how to treat their future wives, so just smile and happily accept anything I do for you on Valentine's Day.")  

That night, we had a family dinner at Five Guys Burger and Fries.  As everyone knows, nothing is more romantic to me than a good hamburger.  

It was a great day.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dentist Husband is 40!

Last week, Dentist Husband turned 40.  He didn't want a party, or really any special attention brought his way.  I believed him.  And then, one of his high school friend's wife asked him to make a "roast" video for her husband and post it on YouTube.  And, my best friend from college, told me about this amazing surprise party she was doing for her husband's 40th and I started to feel a little sheepish about not doing anything.  So, my kids and I sat down and made a list of many of Dentist Husband's favorite things.  Then, we decided to buy him 40 of each item.  

In the above mentioned "roast video", Dentist Husband mentions black balloons.  My kids thought he needed 40 of those.  (Notice my Carl Larsson prints in the back.  I still need to hang them . . .) 

Dentist Husband loves Haribo gummy bears.  Toothsome #2 made a 40 out of 40 of those.  (I had to go 5 stores to get 40 of them.)  Also, notice the 40 bottles of NON-alcoholic beer.  Let me remind you of this blog post.   Dentist Husband loves the stuff even though he has never tasted the real deal.  

On the sofa:  40 packages of gum, $40 gift cards to:  McDonalds, SushiYa, our favorite movie theatre, and gas.  There are also 40 quarters for pinball.  

Toothsome #2 showing that one of the 40 balloons popped.

Below: Dentist Husband's reaction.  We told him he had to come in the front door.  

And, since I am married to 40 year old man (and I am the young age of 39), I purchased myself a new dress in honor of the occasion.  Years ago, my mom taught me to stand with my feet like this in photos.  From now on, you will notice that I always stand like that in photos.  
Happy 40th Dentist Husband!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy 200th Birthday Charles!

Today is Charles Dickens 200th birthday.  Several years ago, I set out to read all of his works.  But, I have learned after reading all of Jane Austen in about a month period, that reading the same author back to back is not as good as savoring their works with breaks in between.  When I set out on my quest about 14 years ago, I finished A Tale of Two Cities and was so moved by it, that I said, "For now, I rest with this work of Dicken's in my heart. "  Honestly, that book changed me.

Well, the time has come again to revisit Charles Dickens.  This past December I did read, "A Christmas Carol", "The Chimes" and "A Cricket on the Hearth"  and "The Life our Lord".  "The Life of Our Lord" is absolutely wonderful and really shows Dickens in a unique light.  It is a fast read and I highly recommend it.  For various reasons, that book is often not included with his works.  (If you buy the book, the forward explains it).

Anyway, below is a list of his novels.  I hope to read most of these this year.  I have already read about 1/2 on the list, so I think this is doable.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A little confession . . .

I honestly hate to shop.  As in, I hate walking to shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.  So, I do 99.9% of shopping on-line.  I can't remember the last time I purchased an article of clothing in a store (Actually now, I do; when my girlfriends from college came into town and insisted we go to White House Black Market.  I came home with whole new outfit, including the most comfortable black slides I have ever owned.) 

Anyway, below is my latest on-line purchase.  It was on sale at Nordstrom.  I got an email talking about color block dresses.  I was intrigued and so I clicked on over.  (I normally delete "sales" emails.) This dress was originally very expensive and on-sale for practically nothing.  This dress is beautifully made, fully lined and fits like a glove.  

And since I hate shopping, I would rather over-buy items, then come home, realize I forgot something and have to go back.  In cleaning out my spice cupboard, I discovered the following "repeat" items.  

FYI:  I use Cream of Tarter to make play-do only.  And, I've made play-do three times since I have had kids.  And, I have three bottles of Cream of Tarter. 

This is just my spice cupboard.  There are repeated items all over my house.