Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ugly Summer/Really Who Cares about Ugly Summer

I started this post several days ago.  I titled it "Ugly Summer" and I was writing a post about my plans to not buy any new summer shorts/capris and wear holes in all of my old out-of-date shorts/capris.  You see, I have a habit of when I find a particular shorts/capris on sale that work with my Mormon sense of modesty, I end up buying them in all colors available in my size.  

Well, I have been buying things when I really don't have a need for them, just because they are on-sale and fit with my "Mormon sense of modesty."  In my closet, I have a section for "out of style" clothes that still look brand new and I can't just give them away.  (I paid hard-earned money for them!) Well, this summer, I decided I am wearing those items until they literally have holes in them and I declared out-loud, "Welcome to Ugly Summer." 

But then, last night, on the local news, I discovered my beloved hometown Boulder, Colorado was in fire danger.  The news was talking about areas that were my local stomping grounds.  Mentioned on the news was my high school, my favorite hiking trail, my family grocery store, streets I drove on a daily basis to church, work and school, etc.   I was horrified.  After speaking to my parents and learning they were OK and not that worried, (they are in the pre-evac area), I became mesmerized with the coverage.  Most of my high school friends and church friends live/lived in the pre-evac area.  I have been in contact with many friends, who like me are out of state but worried about their parents, and our city.  You see, while I love my Utah life, I am true blue, Boulder, Colorado girl.  My husband jokes, "When we drive into Boulder County, you relax.  It is like the cells in your body recognize home."    

So, a blog post about Ugly Summer seemed a little stupid.   (And, then learning about the fire in Colorado Springs, CO, made Ugly Summer seem even more stupid).

Here is the smoke hovering over my beloved hometown.  

Me in my recently purchased (for an upcoming trip home) Colorado flag t-shirt.  (I didn't say I wouldn't buy new tops, just shorts/capris.)  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Colorado and the people and firefighters living there.

Now for some levity (still stupid in comparison to dealing with fire danger but NOT as stupid as Ugly Summer)  two of my favorite things recently:

Going here and seeing 

If you get a chance, watch this.  
For my local friends, we own a copy if you are interested.  

My second favorite thing:  My clothes line in my garage.  Several years ago, I had the idea to put a retractable clothes line in my garage.  All summer, it has our wet swim suits and towels on it.  In our hot garage, everything dries fast and it is out of the way and no wet stuff in my house.  In the winter, snowy ski clothes hang on it.  

Again, in light of things going on around the world, who cares but since we must live, these two things have made my life easier and happier.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer, glorious summer

Since school got out, we have tried to take full advantage of summer.  Our mornings look like this:

Until 9:00 am that is, because that is when I enforce: shower, clean rooms and piano practicing. 

Then, we go back to fun summer.  Most days that means going to the neighborhood pool.  I was raised going to the pool daily in the summer and I am so glad I can continue to do that with my kids.  Great memories.  

On the weekends, we try to do something more involved.

Years ago, Dentist Husband purchased a go-kart and at my father-in-law's cabin, he built a go-kart track.  

Using this tractor to make/form the course. 

And if you have a son who LOVES sharks, I highly recommend this jacket from Chasing Fireflies.  (Notice he is wearing his Hannah Andersson shark shirt underneath.)   

 Chasing Fireflies also has these wonderful nightgowns.  Honestly, these are made with the softest cotton I have ever felt.  You may remember, my girls have Halloween ones too.  

And finally, the BIG news of June was Toothsome #1 getting his braces off.  Getting him to smile for the camera is not so easy.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Turkey Loaf: It is not just for Thanksgiving anymore

About twice a year, I realize I have purchased too many things on sale at the grocery store and I start insisting that dinner (and any other meal that we can) comes from the freezer.  Since it is "popsicle" season, I need to make room for them.  

Let me remind you of this post about our trip to Las Vegas over Thanksgiving.  Because we were in a hotel, we went the easy way out and had Jennie-O turkey loaf as our turkey for Thanksgiving.  

So, I had an extra one in our freezer and pulled it out for dinner one night this past week. My kids all started saying, "Why are we having that?  Isn't that just reserved for Thanksgiving?"  My husband and I laughed out loud at the absurdity of it.  Most people would be shocked that we bastardized a Thanksgiving meal with a turkey loaf.  My kids think we have having a "too fancy" dinner at home with turkey loaf.  Honestly, I can't tell you the humor we got from all of this.  The phrase all week said between my husband and I has been, "Turkey Loaf.  It is not just for Thanksgiving anymore."  

Onto to other things . . . this ladder has been in our master bedroom for about 3 weeks.  Three weeks ago, at 5:00 am, one of our fire alarm started chirping, indicating we needed to change the battery.  (My husband has actually researched why it is common for them to beep in the middle of night and it deals with batteries in cold temperatures not working as effectively and since houses cool down at night . . . blah, blah blah.)   So, during broad day light, I brought this in the house and planned on changing the battery.  But then, it hasn't chirped since.  And frugal me, thinks, until it starts to chirp again, I don't need to change it.  "Let's wait this out."  I honestly thought it would chirp again sooner but it hasn't and I don't want to be stuck in the middle of the night without the ladder.  It is all very stupid.   As Dentist Husband has pointed out, I spend the cost of a battery in my Diet Coke habit in one day, I should just change the battery.  But, no, I have not.  Now, having the ladder in the master bedroom is driving me crazy.  Again, all very stupid.  But, think of all of the Diet Cokes I can drink with the money saved on this one battery.

And with summer, I brought out my favorite Teva flip flops.

Check out the bottoms . . .

I LOVE these shoes.  I plan on wearing them until they just give way.  I would definitely say I have gotten my money's worth.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First and Last Days

First day of 2nd, 4th and 6th grade

First Day of Pre-school

Last day of preschool

Last day of 2nd, 4th and 6th grade

Here is too a great school year and great summer ahead!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Start of Summer Canyon Run

School isn't officially out but this Saturday we did our "School is Out" canyon trip.  Being raised by mountains, and living my whole adult-life around them, I am truly a mountain girl.  I try to not take them for granted and my husband and I have tried to make the mountains part of my kids growing up.  Canyon trips (since we live close to many of them) have become a regular part of summer for us.  It is not uncommon for Dentist Husband to call me on his way home from work and say, "Load up the car" and we head up for the evening.  I have my "canyon supplies" box ready in the garage all summer.   

But first, unrelated, this is my brother's son.  I took him to the MTC this week.  It is always an emotional experience for me.  It is also probably one of my favorite things about living here in Utah.  I LOVE being the aunt that drives them down to the MTC.  Here he is eating his final meal as a non-missionary.  Go Five Guys. 
 Back to the canyon . . .We have a favorite, somewhat hidden spot that we like to go.  There are lots of great rocks to climb on and a fire pit.  

 Here was dinner.  We found a flat rock and cooked everything on it.  It took way too long.  But it was a fun experiment anyway.

 We don't have many pictures of us together.  This isn't great but it shows we still like each other.  As of Memorial Day, we have known each other 17 years.  

 There is nothing better to me than a roaring canyon fire . . . the smells, the warmth, the flame; I love it.

Oh and we broke out our official "song of summer" on this trip.  (Every summer, we pick a song that will be the "song of summer" and we play it at the start of every day, on car trips, etc.,)  This year, "Praise You" by FatBoy Slim was chosen.