Monday, July 30, 2012

If I had a wagon, I would ride to Colorado . . .

Growing up in Colorado, we sang this song in elementary school.  I can still sing it.  I still feel this way about my beloved home state.  

I just got home from a glorious family reunion trip "home."  Everyone was able to be there with the exception of two nephews who are currently on missions for the Mormon church.  Below are some of the highlights.

Games at the park below the high school we all attended.  

Pearl Street Mall.  It is full of little gems like this.  

Hiking down Flagstaff mountain.  We did this every year as a family growing up.  

McGuckin Hardware--the greatest store ever.  You can get everything you would ever need there.

Colorado Rockies baseball game.  We lost to the Reds but my three oldest kids made it on the jumbo tron and had stadium style nachos for the first time.  

Last day there, we were awakened at 6:30 am with the fire alarm going off in our hotel.  Thankfully, it was only caused by smoke in the kitchen and we were able to get back inside shortly after I took this picture.

In my parent's backyard.  All of the grandkids in order of age.

The original 7.  
I had quickly changed out of my church clothes to make dinner (it was our family's assigned day).  I am the only sister shorter than my brother and I am always put next to him.   

Each family was assigned a day to make all three meals for everyone.  I can't tell you how many wonderful memories I have sitting around the kitchen table talking to my family growing up.

Proof that Dentist Husband was at the reunion. . . And the many lists my mom created for the reunion.  My mom is famous for her lists.

The original seven in our family reunion t-shirts.

Hiking to Blue Lake (above Mitchell and Brainard Lakes).

We did this every year growing up.

 My sister and I at Blue Lake.  It is a 6 mile hike round trip.  
 All of the grandchildren played soccer and ultimate frisbee on the field by the junior high we all attended.  During one of the games, I got every emotional thinking of the memories I had growing up under the Flatirons in Boulder. 

These pictures got out of order . . .

More from the top of Flagstaff 
 At the bottom of flagstaff.  
Growing up, we always sat on this wall waiting for my dad to come pick us up in the car.  Many years later it is the grandchildren . . .
 Outside our hotel waiting to be let back in after being evacuated because of the "fire".  (We got those t-shirts free at the game the night before and were the closest clothes we could find.) 

Sigh.  It doesn't matter how old I am, Boulder, CO is still home.  

Wonderful trip.

Monday, July 16, 2012


I haven't posted in a while.  Below are some highlights of summer.  

Tons of swimming.  
Notice Toothsome #4's shoes.  Red sparkly flats.  

Our annual Nordstrom experience to remember Dentist Husband's mother who died of breast cancer several years ago.  She loved to shop at Nordstrom.  We go and shop and eat and talk about her. 

Some people have asked, so below are some examples of "ugly summer."  

BTW:  This was taken in over 100 degree heat.  We decided to pretend like it wasn't miserable and take our kids to the driving range then miniature golfing.  We pretended but it was still miserably hot.   

My kids call these my clown pants.  They are linen and I haven't ironed them since I purchased them.  That shirt has a permanent stain on it.  And, I am just noticing, there is no purple in the pants.  Wow.  Really an ugly summer.  

My husband calls these my pajama pants.  You can't really tell but the crotch on these go almost to my knees.  I still think they are cute.  But others have said no.  

I found this on our cell phone charger.  Toothsome #4 did it.  I left it there for days because I thought it was so cute.  

Sigh, we love In-N-Out.

Toothsome #4 was NOT happy that Toothsome #1 was going to scout camp.  We all missed him.  

Beware of sharks.  Yes, I purchased his Halloween costume in July.

Just saw this at the aquarium today.  My ancestors lived on the shores of Utah Lake and were fisherman.  I felt like this was talking about my history.  Go June sucker!  Thank you for keeping my ancestors alive.  I wouldn't be here today without them.  

You can feed the Sting Rays at the aquarium.  I was the fun mom and paid to let my kids do it.  This is squid.

And, it couldn't be completely an "ugly summer."  I have a thing for dresses.  I found this and couldn't resist.  

(Yes, I took the Ugly Summer pictures for this blog.  It felt incredibly self indulgent.  The dress picture was taken to send to my mom.  She was asking about my new dress purchase.  Notice I did my hair and make up for the picture.  Can't have my mom thinking I am letting myself go to pot  . . .) 

Happy summer folks.