Monday, April 7, 2008

Added to my New Year's Resolutions

Somehow Conference weekend came and went and I was only able to catch the Sunday morning session. I now have to commit to reading everything when the Conference Ensign comes to my house.

How am I doing on my other resolutions? Let's see:

Make dinner more regularly: While I haven't done a great job of keeping track of myself, it feels like I am doing better. And, looking at our budget, we are spending less, so I MUST be doing better.

Dejunk every room in my house: Not so good there but today, I finally folded EVERYTHING in my laundry pile. So, I must be making some progress. But not enough. Maybe this month . . .

Exercise regularly: This one I can say I have been doing well. I keep track of my success on my calendar and yes, I have been doing it. (My sore legs from jump roping can attest to that as well.)

Regular scripture study: For me personally, no but for the family, yes. For Family Home Evening, we read the Illustrated Book of Mormon together. Once we are done, I am going to copy my friend Paige's idea and take everyone to a Book of Mormon restaurant--The Mayan.


michelle said...

I was thinking about this too. We were doing better with scriptures and fhe but slacked off. Conference made me want to do better. I am doing better with eating and exercise too, but have a long way to go on the declutter. I am working on the laundry/craft room today. I am thinking of posting pictures before and after to shame myself into doing it!

jo said...

Looks like you're doing very well, Janice. I'm very impressed and motivated by your goals. Thanks for sharing.

...I'll start exercising regularly soon... I think.

love.boxes said...

Janice, I swear you have de-junked your house and spring cleaned it about 5 times to my 1. You are doing GREAT in my book!

ash said...

I have a kid in my primary class that knows the Book of Mormon backwards and forwards because of those children's picture books. I think I'll take to reading it too! Way to go on the daily walks.

Gabriela said...

Sounds like you are doing well! Way to go with your exercising. :)