Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a weekend!

My nephew got married over Labor Day weekend.  We ended up having a ton of family staying at our house and it was a busy, and very fun time.

Here we are at the reception.  We will end up using a similar one for our Christmas card photo.  

 Dentist husband with one of the fake mustaches provided.  They had a large picture frame and these fake mustaches and someone took pictures of you posing.  It was fun and different.
 My kids and other cousins climbing over the water feature.  This was probably NOT allowed.  
 My girls
 Also this weekend, Toothsome #2 and my dad had their birthdays.  They were born on the same day, 68 years apart.  
 My girls in their matching Halloween pajamas.  They begged for these and I finally consented if they agreed to wear them all winter.  Honestly, they look so dang cute in them!
 A lot of Dance Party 2 was done in my basement.  It was really fun to see my kids doing this with their older cousins.  
Great weekend!


Marie said...

haha, those halloween pj's are cute :) looks like you had a good time with family!

Paige said...

I want some of those pajamas for me!