Monday, July 16, 2012


I haven't posted in a while.  Below are some highlights of summer.  

Tons of swimming.  
Notice Toothsome #4's shoes.  Red sparkly flats.  

Our annual Nordstrom experience to remember Dentist Husband's mother who died of breast cancer several years ago.  She loved to shop at Nordstrom.  We go and shop and eat and talk about her. 

Some people have asked, so below are some examples of "ugly summer."  

BTW:  This was taken in over 100 degree heat.  We decided to pretend like it wasn't miserable and take our kids to the driving range then miniature golfing.  We pretended but it was still miserably hot.   

My kids call these my clown pants.  They are linen and I haven't ironed them since I purchased them.  That shirt has a permanent stain on it.  And, I am just noticing, there is no purple in the pants.  Wow.  Really an ugly summer.  

My husband calls these my pajama pants.  You can't really tell but the crotch on these go almost to my knees.  I still think they are cute.  But others have said no.  

I found this on our cell phone charger.  Toothsome #4 did it.  I left it there for days because I thought it was so cute.  

Sigh, we love In-N-Out.

Toothsome #4 was NOT happy that Toothsome #1 was going to scout camp.  We all missed him.  

Beware of sharks.  Yes, I purchased his Halloween costume in July.

Just saw this at the aquarium today.  My ancestors lived on the shores of Utah Lake and were fisherman.  I felt like this was talking about my history.  Go June sucker!  Thank you for keeping my ancestors alive.  I wouldn't be here today without them.  

You can feed the Sting Rays at the aquarium.  I was the fun mom and paid to let my kids do it.  This is squid.

And, it couldn't be completely an "ugly summer."  I have a thing for dresses.  I found this and couldn't resist.  

(Yes, I took the Ugly Summer pictures for this blog.  It felt incredibly self indulgent.  The dress picture was taken to send to my mom.  She was asking about my new dress purchase.  Notice I did my hair and make up for the picture.  Can't have my mom thinking I am letting myself go to pot  . . .) 

Happy summer folks. 


Kari said...

I had to smile at your youngest and oldest photo, before scout camp. There is a connection, isn't there, between a youngest little sister and her big brother. My 16-year old boy and his 12-year old sister get along swimmingly. She may have just as hard of a time as me, when he goes to college!

Well, once again. I'm choking with being jealous! HOW much time have I spent googling "color block dresses" and searching for a dress JUST like that, to buy, and there you are posting it! you probably paid some ridiculously low price for it, too. Sour grapes on my part! Ha. It's lovely. :)

Britt said...

I think your "ugly summer" is pretty adorable.

Paige said...

LOVE the shark costume.