Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Appliance and Sickness Update

Well, I now have a working dishwasher and still a not working ice maker. I really thought the dishwasher would be the spendy one to fix but it turns out that when you don't rinse your dishes very well, Lego's (yes Lego's) and pistachio shells can really clog up your drain line. The ice maker needs all new electronics, and that will be fixed (the part alone cost $100) on Wednesday. However, it still looks like we were able to get both fixed for under $500.

On the sickness front, I am now on day two of no sleep dealing with poor toothsome #3 and this stomach bug that he is dealing with. We just got back from the doctor because I wanted to make sure he was hydrated enough. When he was one, he was hospitalized with severe dehydration and so I always worry. His is currently well hydrated but if he doesn't feel better by late afternoon, they want me to go and have his electrolytes checked. On the way home, I got him a Poweraid from McDonalds and he has kept that down. So, I am hoping that by the end of today, he is doing better.


Paige said...

Oh, the poor thing. And I hope it gets better soon and you can have that much needed rest.

sara said...

i have a really fancy miele vacuum that i've had break down on me twice. the most recent time i took it in, the repair guy was telling me the hose was clogged with what appeared to be playdough and small toys. apparently spending a lot of money doesn't license you to vacuum up whatever gets in your way!