Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Great Closet Migration

Well, I am almost finished with what I am calling, "The Great Closet Migration." I have gone through everyone of the kids closets (OK, there are only two but four children use them) and made them try on all of their winter clothes. After that, I either passed down ones to the younger siblings, put them in a "to take to DI" box or in some cases, just threw them away. I am also still storing baby stuff because I haven't quite reached the "for sure I am done with having kids phase." I really think we are done but I am not ready to fully embrace it by getting rid of baby things.
Anyway, once I had an account of what was left that actually fit, I went on-line and purchased what we needed. (I know the whole, why pay for shipping but I love Lands End and Hannah Andersson, so I am willing to pay for shipping.)

I live by the "5 and 5" rule. My kids each have 5 tops and 5 bottoms. Ideally, they would all match but that is not necessarily the case. So, now I am done with that project. Thank goodness!


love.boxes said...

I just finished cleaning my pantry and now it looks almost the same as before I cleaned it, but atleast I know it's clean at this point. That was a really big job. Congratulations! The kids look really cute in their matchies. I love Lands End too. I'm just about to order little c's snow flurry boots for the year, but I think I'll check out coats at Hannahs and Boden first.. Do you like Boden? I think you would.

I hope to hear really good news about your dad soon.

michelle said...

Congrats, that is a major accomplishment. One of those that gets worse while you are doing it before it gets better! I love that picture, especially that adorable sad face! Good luck with your halloween tree, your kids will love it!