Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sometimes It Is Good to Pay Others to do a job you thought you could do

For the last year, I have been teaching my kids to play the piano. I took piano since I was junior in high school for heaven's sake (even if my ability doesn't really show it). So in an attempt to save money and actually use my piano playing skills, I decided I would be their first teacher.

It really wasn't a big deal at first. My kids wanted to learn and they were good little students but as the busyness of life took over, we were having lessons less often and practicing almost never. After having to help my kids do homework, remind them to make their beds, put away their shoes, eat their dinner, be on them to clean their rooms, etc. none of us were up for another "Mom" to-do thing. I was also worrying that I wasn't teaching them proper finger technique and I was afraid I was messing up their future piano playing skills.

So, I swallowed pride at my crappy attempts to teach them piano, asked around and found a high recommended nice lady who lives close to teach my kids. Last night was their first lesson and what a difference it made for my kids to have someone else teach them. She let me sit in for their lessons and both my kids thrived under her direction. It was amazing. Instead of bursting into tears like she normally did with me when she got a note wrong, my daughter handled it and moved forward. My son said to me, "Mom, piano is a lot like math and I love math. I know I will be a good piano player."

So, the $140 I am going to spend a month on piano, appears to be worth it. Maybe I should outsource house cleaning as well. :)


Lisa said...

I agree that parents don't make good teachers. Even though I am a violin teacher...I send my daughter to someone else. There needs to be a difference between teacher and mommy. And it's good for them to have someone to be accountable to for their practice and such.

Paige said...

Good move. Parents can "introduce" a child to the piano, but I don't believe that Mom makes the best piano teacher, even if you are competent.