Friday, September 4, 2009

First Day

Yesterday was a big day in our house.  Kindergarten started.

Toothsome #3 is my little partner and he does not like new beginnings, so I thought the day might be a little hard for both of us.  It ended up being harder for me than him.

The day started with him coming into our office in his PJs (The Gap if you are interested.)    

After breakfast and bath, he got his clothes and backpack on.  These items have been laid out in his room for over a week.  The backpack was on his back from 9:30am until it was time to go to the bus at 12:30 pm.
At the bus stop.  
There are actually two other kids who weren't there for the picture.
Getting on the bus
Running to toward me to tell me "The bus was AWESOME!"
Standing in-line waiting to go inside.
One final wave good-bye.  
However, for me, there was not much good about it.  My heart was aching as I watched him go inside.  I'm going to miss him.  I adore him.
End of First Day Slurpee celebration with our family's customary "thumbs up."  
Big things in this house.


Paige said...

Kindergarten Rocks!

David said...

that skeleton costume is great!

Tess said...

Such a mixture of feelings on days like that. You cry, you smile, you cry some more.... ah, I remember those times.

michelle said...

Doesn't it just make you so glad you decided to have one more so you aren't left all alone yet?