Sunday, June 27, 2010

20 Year Reunion

Last night was my husband's 20 year high school reunion.  He was senior class president and over a year ago, he and his VP from high school, started working on it.  They did most of the leg work for figuring out a location, the date, cost of the event, etc.  

It was quickly decided that a web-site needed to be created for the reunion and neither of them had the time to do it.  Enter, me, wife to Senior Class president, who realized that if a web-site was going to created, it was going to be done by me.  Besides this blog, which is pretty easy to create, I had no "create" web-site experience.   I love my husband and I wanted anything he was associated with to be a success, so I jumped into the project hoping I could pull it off.  

So, I learned how to create the web-site.  I learned how to set up a paypal account.  I started e-mailing the other student body officers.  I started leaving posts on facebook announcing the web site and reunion.  I reserved a pavilion for the "Family Night" event.  I was in daily e-mail communication with various graduates from my husband's high school.  I sent many e-mails telling people to buy tickets, what the dress "code" was, directions to the family event, defusing a few mean people who wanted to get their licks in about why the reunion location, cost, dress code, etc. were lame., etc.  

I learned a lot and it ended up being a really fun enjoyable experience.  I really got to know a ton about my husband and the people with whom he went to high school.  Fortunately, many people but mostly, the beautiful lady in the black dress, also did a ton of work and we pulled off the reunion last night and it was a WONDERFUL experience.    

Here is Dentist husband with two of the student body officers from high school.
Just before we left for the event.

Because my sister's read this, my outfit and shoes I wore.  One day, I gave myself 10 minutes on-line to buy something new (I'm not much of a clothes horse) and ended up with the above items.  Both are from Talbots but I ended up having to take the dress to a tailor to have it fit and kind of "redone".  (Again, I purchased it on-line, so I didn't get a chance to really try it on.)  I buy a lot of my clothes from Talbots (for a while when I was single, before kids, the ladies in the Denver store, knew my mom, me and sisters by name because we shopped there so often) and this dress originally had a tie waist which just wasn't working, so I had that removed and tailored to make it more fitted.  I was happy with it.    

Now, with Girl's Camp over (see previous post) and now this over, I feel like I have a ton of extra brain power available.  Maybe I'll start working on a PhD dissertation.  :) 


michelle said...

I bet you feel like your summer can really start now! You look darling, love the dress! Glad you had a good time, ours was last summer and I had a lot more fun than I thought I would. What a nice wife you are to pitch in like that!

kel said...

lookin' good! did they play 'Eye of the Tiger'?

Britt said...

You look gorgeous. I bet he was proud to show you off.