Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11 Year Old Birthday's Can be Fun even when Unconventional

Because my son has a great 11 year old scout leader, they waited to do the 11 year old scout camp until he turned 11.  Exactly 11, because they went on his exact birthday.  She provided a cake for him and everything.

And, he got to go canoeing too.

Because I was with him that first day (so our 11 year old Scout leader's husband could go to work), we had dinner at our favorite burrito place for his birthday dinner.  No cake, or homemade meal but none of us minded, particularly me, since I hate making dinner.

Dentist husband and his "best friend".  (Toothsome #4 calls him her best friend.)  
Me and toothsome #2.  

And because he has been asking for one for several years, and he was going camping with the 11 year old scouts the next day, and it was his first time sleeping overnight without a parent present, we succumbed and bought him a DS he could bring with him.   He wasn't expecting it.  He really couldn't believe it.  (Either could Dentist husband because we had decided several years ago, our kids wouldn't own handheld video games.  But, after a long talk with me, he consented reluctantly.  I caught Dentist husband playing with it after Toothsome #1 went to bed.)   

And because his birthday falls the day after the 4th of July, we always light fireworks at our house on the 5th.  But, because he has three siblings younger than him that needed to go to bed, we did them when it was still light outside.
Unconventional yes, but still a fun birthday.

Happy Birthday Toothsome #1, you are a joy to us.  


Melinda said...

Sounds like a fun birthday. What a good mom, you are.

I'm curious, though -- how did your ward manage permission for a sleep-away for 11-year-olds without the dads? That's a big no-no in our stake, and it's a pain to try and make it work.

Mark and Heather said...

Fun! I'm totally craving a burrito now. Great.

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday-sounds like it was a lot of fun.

(you looked beautiful in your red dress and I'm totally with you on soccer-9 years and I'm still not a fan)

Kari said...

Fireworks in the daytime! That is classic. I'm with you on the hand-held game thing. We just have a cousin who gets everything the day it comes on the market, so we get his "leftovers." For better or for worse!