Wednesday, June 15, 2011

End of the School and Ode to Lands End

My kids had a fantastic school year.  I can honestly say I can chalk it up to being the best so far but I will admit, by the end of May, I was exhausted and eager to let summer happen.  In past summers, I had,  about a month before school got out, summer planned out--daily chores, workbooks, trips planned, swimming and tennis lessons scheduled, etc.  This year, not so.  Instead, I declared to my kids, "For the next week and 1/2 we are doing NOTHING.  I don't even expect you go to bed on time."  For posterity, just a few pictures to show what May was like.  This represents just a few things that filled our time:

Young American Award ceremony--during the school year, my son memorized the Gettysburg Address, 100 American history facts, all of the states and capitals and where they are located on a map, the American Presidents in order, the preamble to the Constitution, the pledge of allegiance, and the Bill of Rights.  This was an optional thing but at the end of the school year, if they did it, there was this assembly where he was presented with a medal, a gift card and certificate.  All of the kids sang patriotic songs and any family members who served in the military were invited.  BEST school assembly I have ever attended.

5th grade float parade.  As part of 5th grade, each child had to do a very involved state report and then created a float representing their state.  My son did North Carolina and with my husband created a replica of the Wright Brother's airplane that the connected to the back of his bike.  (It took them close to 3 hours to make it.  I am NEVER throwing this airplane away.) 

Spring Dance recital.  Toothsome #2 in her very "Las Vegasy" jazz dance costume and Toothsome #4 in her mouse (the ballet was Cinderella) costume.  

A better costume, Irish dancer in Cinderella.

3rd grade play (Toothsome #2 was a pirate)

I just liked this picture.  The kids filled in one whole square of our driveway with chalk and then rolled around in it.  It was fun afternoon.

First grade, end of the year, assembly.  They always end it with the kids singing, "Ordinary Miracle" and a slide show of the whole year.  I cry every time.  

Anyway, onto my "Ode to Lands End" part of this post.  During this week, of "We are doing NOTHING", we were invited to my friend's swimming pool for the afternoon.  We all put on our swim suits and I discovered that they all needed new swim suits.  After hours spent at our local pool last summer, plus a glorious week at the Outer Banks their swim suits were thrashed.  (And even though I make very short children, three of them actually did grow since last summer and needed new sizes.)  So, I went on-line and purchased new Lands End swim suits and rash guards for everyone.  Lands End makes the best swimsuits and rash guards around.  I've tried various brands and learned, if you want a quality swim suit and the best fitting rash guards around, go with Lands End.  

After placing the order, I was checking my e-mail and discovered one from Lands End, that gave me 25% percent off and free shipping.  I had literally just spent over $200 at Land End five minutes before discovering this email.  

So, I called their 1-800 number, explained the situation to the nice man and he gave me the 25% off and free shipping on my order.   Best customer service ever!  Honestly, I LOVE Land End and I need to make a trip to Wisconsin and personally thank them.  I love them that much.  

Anyway, I try to continue my "week and 1/2  of doing NOTHING" but this coming weekend, I have a three day scout camp with the 11 year old scouts, I need to help my son finish memorizing the 13 Article of Faith for his Faith In God award at church, I also need to take him shopping for a white shirt and tie in preparations for him becoming a Deacon, I do need to figure out swim and tennis lessons for the summer, and when we are taking our kids to St. George to see a show at the Tuachacan theatre, and in July, I have added Toothsome #3 into the piano lesson mix.  Doing a "week and 1/2 of doing NOTHING" is actually very hard.  


kel said...

here, here! Lands' End is a fave of ours too. i just picked up a sweater and a swim skirt with the %25 off too.

Paige said...

All my kids need new suits, too. Unfortunately, it's not so simple anymore. Wish I could just order them all online.

ash said...

Looks like an excellent year. Go kids! And I may just have to visit the Lands Ends website with all this praise.

Kari said...

What a great post! I would love an assembly with patriotic songs and honoring the military too. Can't get enough of THAT. I can't believe you got all their suits online! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

David said...

sometimes there is nothing better to do, than Nothing!

love.boxes said...

That young American program sounds amazing! That's a lot of work for mom, but we should all do something like that.