Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Nordstrom Experience

This morning, I decided it was time to take my kids to have "The Nordstrom Experience."  I was not raised going to Nordstrom but my husband's family did and my mother-in-law loved the store.  I still do most of my shopping on-line but every once and awhile, I like to take my kids to actual stores and let them experience real shopping.  Nordstrom, because of their excellent in-store customer service, is the perfect place to go.

Toothsome #2 needed new shoes, Toothsome #3 wanted to own a tie and Toothsome #4 loves "new" anything, so I decided it was time to take them.  

Honestly, from the moment I walked in the store, the air feels nicer.  The employees are always incredibly nice and very tolerate of a mother with three kids in tow.  (Toothsome #1 is at golf camp and he had "The Nordstrom Experience" about a week ago, when I took him to buy a white shirt and tie in preparation for him passing the sacrament at our church.)  

After making our purchases, with each child having their own Nordstrom bag to carry their own purchased items in, we headed upstairs to the Nordstrom Cafe.  The Cafe is wonderful.  It has a bistro feel but is very child friendly.  As we sat down, I said to the kids, "You can't have the complete Nordstrom Experience without eating at their Cafe."  Our food was ordered, jazz music was playing in the background, drinks delivered and we were sitting happily when Toothsome #3 spilled his Sprite all over our table.  I then thought, "You can't have a Nordstrom Experience with children in tow without having a mothering experience as well."  

Again, the staff was wonderful and were very polite about the whole mess.  Toothsome #2 was a little upset that her younger brother messed up the whole "feel" of the experience but I reminded her that life would be very sad without family.  "The Nordstrom Experience" would be no fun alone.  

We enjoyed the lunch and then left to come home.  I have a feeling, I am going to need another "Nordstrom Experience" soon.  

 Toothsome #3 with his Nordstrom shirt and ties laid out on display.  (He also brought down his dress pants and shoes just for fun.) 
 Toothsome #4 having a tea party in her just purchased Nordstrom dress.
Toothsome #3 in his full outfit.  He LOVES dressing up.  


Alissa said...

I love the Nordstrom Experience, too. Especially their shoes. Although I like Nordstrom Rack prices...

Michelle said...

That looks like more fun than scout camp! It was Camp Fife up by Tremonton.