Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why this little boy is one of my favorites

Sometimes, children call out to you to do a specific blog post about them.  This summer, Toothsome #3 has been an absolute delight.

He is always thinking and experimenting.  Nothing is safe in my house because he is always coming up with a new idea for every item in my house.  (And, we have had to have very serious talks about not taking anything apart without asking permission.) 

Recently, at burger place, I got a text from a friend.  I responded.  I looked up and in that short amount of time, he had broken most of crayons in pieces, taken off the paper and was "experimenting." 

Here he is at my husband's office--drilling.  (An old dental cast, and my husband's dental drill equipment.)  He asks if he can do this every time we go into the office.   

 Somehow the word, "Hobo" was introduced to my son this year.  He is fascinated about what Hobo's do.  He then came to me and said, "Can I burn Toothsome #1's old tennis shoes, so I can make a Hobo fire?"  With supervision, I let  him.  When the shoe really started to burn, he pulled out my old camera and took a picture of it.  (I had no idea it was in his pocket but it fits his mentality.  All experiments need to be documented.)  

The "hobo" fire a little later.  We let him burn it until the rubber on the sole was all melted.  It was a windy day and we insisted everyone stay away from the very stinky fumes.    
I adore this little man.