Monday, July 4, 2011

11 year old Scout Camp

I honestly LOVE being a scout leader.  There are few things better than seeing boys learn new skills, and having fun doing it.  A few weeks ago, we had our annual three day Scout Camp.

The night before, we had the boys at our house and had them learn how to set up the propane stove (they don't allow open fires at the scout camp we attended) and set up the tent.  The boys were each given assignments (one boy was in charge of the tent stakes, another in charge of the poles, etc.) and we discussed the buddy system, etc.  

Dentist husband, who often walks in the door moments before scouts starts (thus the scrubs) giving instruction.

At scout camp the first day.

Doing an outdoor flag ceremony.  Our boys were selected to show the others how to do it.  Yes, I got a little teary.  

Knife and wood working safety.


Setting up the tent.

Dinner and "mastering the match".  (A Dentist husband invention--you can "master the match" if you can let it burn all of the way to end without any of it breaking off and not burning your fingers.)  We let the boys burn as many matches as they wanted and we went through two big boxes.  

The "knife game"--another Dentist husband invention.  They all took turns dropping their knives from chest height (after earning their tote and chip) into an old log.  The game was "won" if every boy's knife stuck and landed in a certain small area on the log.  Honestly, they LOVED this game.  

Dentist husband, the man who makes scouting fun.  My job is figuring what the boys need to do get their rank advancements and then telling my husband what to do.  He always comes up with some great way to teach them the skills needed.  I love being there and seeing what he comes up with.  

For another post:  Becoming a "knot master"--it involves tying knots, in ice water, in the dark with a time limit, while the other boys try and distract you.  Most of the boys are now "knot masters" and they beg weekly to do it.  


ash said...

This post was awesome and you guys sound like totally cool leaders. I know I will be calling you guys when my turn in scouting comes around (if it ever does, which, with a son, I am thinking it will). DH has always had the ability to make things fun. A talent indeed! I love the knot master idea (and all of the others you mentioned). Very cool

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you love your scouting calling. I wish I could find some leaders like you guys in our ward.

love.boxes said...

It such a wonderful thing that you and your husband take the time to help these young boys learn to be good men. What a great way to spend your time.