Monday, October 17, 2011

Ice Blocking

This past Saturday, the weather was unusually warm.  My kids were playing video games inside, when I announced, "We are going ice blocking."

When I was a junior in high school, a boy (who was a year older than me) showed up at my house with a few other people and said, "We are going ice blocking.  Get in the car."  

So I did.  It was one of my favorite high school memories.  And, I wanted to teach my kids the fun of ice blocking.  

Here they are at the start.  Notice Dentist husband's face studying the ice blocks.  

It took my kids a while to figure out the best form for ice blocking.  (You must lean back slightly, and use your feet to help balance.) 
 They didn't realize it but they were getting great exercise going up and down the hill.
 Dentist husband was not pleased with ice block shape, so immediately he started making modifications.  Basically, he created two runners to help with the tracking.  

Here I am showing them how it is done.  

Honestly, one of the best family activities we have ever done. 

(When it got dark, we picked up a pizza and went to another park and played until about 9:00 pm.)  


Britt said...

You're the coolest mom (and not just your butt).

Paige said...

SO fun!!!

Gabriela said...

I ice-blocked in high school too-always with LDS kids-is it a Mormon thing?

I'll have to introduce my kids to it.