Friday, November 4, 2011

Toothsome #3 and the answered prayer

Toothsome #3 is always into everything.  He begs to take everything we own apart and I have taken going to local thrift shops and buying old VCRs, TVs, etc, so he can take them apart.

I honestly feel as his mother, I have been very patient, understanding and supportive of his desire to see and learn how things work but I have my limits and Sunday night, one day before Halloween, I discovered several batteries, that I had put away specially for Halloween costumes, missing.  In asking the kids, it was discovered Toothsome #3 had found them and had been planning on using them for an experiment.  He said, "I haven't taken them out of the package but I don't know where they are!"

I stood there dumbfounded.  I then lost my cool and informed him that he would be grounded unless he found the batteries.  (I wasn't completely mean, I told him he would be grounded after Halloween.)  With his very sincere face, he nodded and left the room.

I few minutes passed and I happened to walk into the room where he had walked into a few moments before. He was on his knees praying.  He was asking for help in finding the batteries.  My heart melted.  I then started praying that we would indeed find the batteries, so he would know that prayers are indeed answered.  We enlisted the whole family and they were found about 20 minutes later in the game closet.

Honestly, I was moved to tears.


Jane Anne said...


Michelle said...

He may make you crazy but you are obviously doing something right! So glad that one had a happy ending!

Kari said...

Aawww. You are such a good mom! :) Helping him find them was also a good lesson. Actions to go with prayers. :)

David said...

great story!

Gabriela said...

Awwww. I love those kinds of stories-they stick with us and the kids forever. :)

My kids still talk about how we found Guapo's wallet in the trash that had been taken out after we prayed.