Sunday, May 27, 2012


Many years ago, when my husband and I were brand-new home owners, I called a local nursery and asked when was the right time to put pre-emergent down on our grass.  I remember the lady saying, "Do you know what a forsythia is?"  I said, "Yes" (which I actually didn't but I knew I could find out from someone else and I didn't want to sound too stupid on the phone with her.)  And she said, "When the forsythia is blooming, you should put pre-emergent down."

I have never forgotten this rule or the fact that I didn't know what forsythia was and so every Spring, when the forsythia is blooming, I holler out whenever I see it, "Forsythia!"  My kids (my oldest was about 2 when I started doing this) all join in with me whenever we see a forsythia bush.  Because as a mom, I was often in the car with my kids and their friends, their friends started picking up on this and joined in.  So now, over 10 years later, the people in my car burst out into shouts of "forsythia!" all Spring long.  Even the "cool" pre teen boys in my car this Spring all hollered it.  It was so great.  

Well, this week, I finally planted a forsythia bush of our own.  I hope it takes.  It is in a spot that I have had trouble with in the past but I am hoping with all of the good vibes we send that plant in general, it will grow and thrive there.  I just can't wait until next Spring, when we can look out our window and all shout, "Forsythia!" to our own forsythia bush in our own yard.


Kari said...

There is a huge forsythia bush between us and our neighbors...lots of people have them around town, and when I see the bright yellow, I know it's really spring!

(OK, it's not usually until May. Maybe by the time we leave, I'll have gotten used to the long winters?)

BTW, it IS beautiful to camp in New Hampshire--we do a Relief Society retreat up there each October. (There are mosquitoes, tho--I don't remember the west having this many mosquitoes?)

This was the Priesthood Commemoration campout and the Dads could bring sons AND daughters.

Paige said...

I LOVE my forsythia bushes, and I hope they get all huge and tree like someday. I have also heard that tip about the pre=emergent.

Nadia said...

We do the same thing, except we had a slight misunderstanding years ago, so we all yell "For Cynthia" whenever we see forsythia.