Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some pictures from this week--ballet and other things

  Yesterday was dance picture day at my daughter's dance studio.   Our studio is doing "Sleeping Beauty" and it is an absolutely stunning ballet program.  My oldest daughter needed to have her hair in a certain type of braid.  A picture was sent and after practicing all weekend, I thought I had it right.  I didn't.  We showed up at the studio and I realized right away I had her hair wrong.  This, on top of a series of other poorly timed events earlier in the day was close to the last straw for me. Thankfully, the mom of one of the other girls, sensed my mental state and said, "Don't worry.  I can fix it."  And, she did happily, while I watched.  I now get what I did wrong.

Below, is Toothsome #4 in her skunk costume, minus the hat.  (And unintentionally, the mom who redid my daughter's hair.)  

 Toothsome #2 her in beautiful costume

 And her very fancy hair

And because of this ridiculous heat we are having in Utah and my refusal to run the air conditioning until June, my Rhodes rolls turned into a square piece of bread.  They were still awesome with honey butter.  
 Today, I get to read aloud to my daughter's 4th grade class.  I am reading a chapter from this wonderful book.  If you have a reluctant 4th grade reader, I highly recommend this series.  His, "Papa Married a Mormon" is also excellent.
 And, this morning, I got a taste of what next year holds for me.  Toothsome #1 starts junior high and they start later than the elementary kids.  He was home with me today in the morning to go an orthodontics appointment (his braces come off permanently next month!) and he and Toothsome #4 played like crazy.  This was, "I can't see you" game.  The laughter made my morning.  

Finally, this Spring I pass this row of beautiful purple flowers when I drive my kids to school.  It adds such beauty to my drive.  (I wish I knew what they were, so if anyone knows, leave a comment).  


Mark and Heather said...

I'm famous!

love.boxes said...

Jr. High has some positives. I think my daughter has had a much better experience that I have. And, computers have helped to make it so we can really help her excel academically.
I love those costumes.. especially the pretty rose hair flower!

Kari said...

This is a great post!!!!!! I love May flowers, too--sorry so say, I know the names of VERY few of them.

3 cheers for your "middle school starts later than the elementary school!" Here it just gets earlier and earlier, as they get older. Poor teens.

I agree on the Great Brain series. It's awesome. (Tangent pet peeve: I'm mortified that my neighbor has her 3rd grader reading Hunger Games. Great fodder for teen classroom discussion of social issues, I suppose. But 3rd graders only start their own "Games," including how they can harm each other. Sigh.)