Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer, glorious summer

Since school got out, we have tried to take full advantage of summer.  Our mornings look like this:

Until 9:00 am that is, because that is when I enforce: shower, clean rooms and piano practicing. 

Then, we go back to fun summer.  Most days that means going to the neighborhood pool.  I was raised going to the pool daily in the summer and I am so glad I can continue to do that with my kids.  Great memories.  

On the weekends, we try to do something more involved.

Years ago, Dentist Husband purchased a go-kart and at my father-in-law's cabin, he built a go-kart track.  

Using this tractor to make/form the course. 

And if you have a son who LOVES sharks, I highly recommend this jacket from Chasing Fireflies.  (Notice he is wearing his Hannah Andersson shark shirt underneath.)   

 Chasing Fireflies also has these wonderful nightgowns.  Honestly, these are made with the softest cotton I have ever felt.  You may remember, my girls have Halloween ones too.  

And finally, the BIG news of June was Toothsome #1 getting his braces off.  Getting him to smile for the camera is not so easy.  


Paige said...

I SO wish we had a neighborhood pool. WE only have the big pool the next city over, and it's always so crowded and such a production to go swimming (no to mention expensive).

Kari said...


We still have a week of school left, but your schedule sounds fabulous. (And, good for you on the 9:00 start-your-day routine. My "I'm-a-senior-now" son may or may not go along with that...depends on the day? Ha.)

Happy swimming!

Britt said...

You're so fun. I want to be in your family!

Tess said...