Sunday, June 3, 2012

Start of Summer Canyon Run

School isn't officially out but this Saturday we did our "School is Out" canyon trip.  Being raised by mountains, and living my whole adult-life around them, I am truly a mountain girl.  I try to not take them for granted and my husband and I have tried to make the mountains part of my kids growing up.  Canyon trips (since we live close to many of them) have become a regular part of summer for us.  It is not uncommon for Dentist Husband to call me on his way home from work and say, "Load up the car" and we head up for the evening.  I have my "canyon supplies" box ready in the garage all summer.   

But first, unrelated, this is my brother's son.  I took him to the MTC this week.  It is always an emotional experience for me.  It is also probably one of my favorite things about living here in Utah.  I LOVE being the aunt that drives them down to the MTC.  Here he is eating his final meal as a non-missionary.  Go Five Guys. 
 Back to the canyon . . .We have a favorite, somewhat hidden spot that we like to go.  There are lots of great rocks to climb on and a fire pit.  

 Here was dinner.  We found a flat rock and cooked everything on it.  It took way too long.  But it was a fun experiment anyway.

 We don't have many pictures of us together.  This isn't great but it shows we still like each other.  As of Memorial Day, we have known each other 17 years.  

 There is nothing better to me than a roaring canyon fire . . . the smells, the warmth, the flame; I love it.

Oh and we broke out our official "song of summer" on this trip.  (Every summer, we pick a song that will be the "song of summer" and we play it at the start of every day, on car trips, etc.,)  This year, "Praise You" by FatBoy Slim was chosen.  


Kari said...

No way! A "song of summer." You guys have some great traditions. AND you're dinner on a rock!

Go 5 Guys?!?! Never quite understood the draw there. Kind of like "In & Out Burgers" -- boring menu, lame food. But people love it!

Congratulations on getting another nephew to the MTC :) And thanks for posting photos. That's the best part!

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