Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm LDS and this is how I live . . .

I am very open about my Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, beliefs.  The name of the church is often shortened to LDS (Latter Day Saints).  I am very open about it because I value it and it affects every aspect of my life.  Recently, I was thinking about how much it is in my life and wrote this.  This is how I view my LDS faith and does not represent an official LDS stance.

I am LDS and . . .

I read my scriptures (Bible and Book of Mormon) regularly.

I pray multiple times a day, alone and with my family.

I give 10% (tithing--Malachi 3:8) of my income to my church.

I also fast two meals once a month and give the money that would be spent on food, to my church to be used to help others in need.  My husband and my older kids do this too.

I spend three hours on Sunday at church, not only listening but participating in my church meetings.

Every Monday night, we gather as a family for Family Home Evening.  We are together and make a point to be together, purposely not planning other things that night.

When I was 21, I chose to serve a mission for my church.  This taught me many valuable life lessons that I think on and often use daily.

I am asked by my church to serve in a volunteer capacity in church.  Currently, I am working with Scouts in my area.  I would never had been involved in Scouts unless I was asked and I have learned a lot and love doing it.  It has been a joy to see young boys gain confidence and self-esteem as they do Scouting.

I visit several ladies once a month in my congregation to make sure they are all doing well.  This is known as visiting teaching.  My husband visits several families as well.  This is known as home teaching.  We chat, make sure the people we meet have what they need--emotionally and physically.  In my years of doing this, I have found many people don't need concrete things but do need the emotional connection of a monthly visit.  I also am visited once a month as well.  I really value this aspect of my church.

I spend a lot of my time as a mother, driving my kids to LDS sponsored activities, from scouting to service projects to fun activities.

I am very self sufficient.  My LDS beliefs stress hugely the value of freedom.   I have been taught the need to take care of myself and not expect others to do it for me.  As a result, I have learned to do many things that I would not have otherwise and my confidence in myself has grown.  For me, this even applies to simple things like repairs around the house.  Why should I ask others when I was given so much?  That said, when I have needed help, the LDS and non-LDS friends around me have given time, money and compassion.

I value motherhood.  I consider it a huge need and blessing to be at home raising my children.  Many have mocked me for this and I am grateful for a religion that has stressed the importance of this.  I would have missed out on so much joy in my life if I had had someone else watching my children.

I honor my husband.  By respecting, loving and honoring him, I in no way, honor myself less.  We are a team and look to each other for solutions to our daily lives.  I know he honors me too.

I value family.  The importance of family is a huge tenant of the LDS faith.  As I result, I am always looking for ways for my family (my nuclear and extended) to be together.  The most happy moments of my life have come from being with my family.  And the saddest have been doable because of my family.  I try to have this blog reflect this value.

I value the Constitution.  As members of the LDS faith, we have been taught that the Constitution is a sacred document and the freedoms declared in it come from God.  Daily, I thank God for the freedoms I enjoy and ask him to protect this nation and its freedoms.


jo said...

I really appreciate this post, Janice, not only for talking about your beliefs but the honest and positive way in which you talk about them. Knowing that you live each of these things in actions and not only words, I can attest that you do your very best to live this way each day. And that's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...


David said...

nicely stated! :)

Kari said...

Thanks for this good synopsis, Janice! Good reminders for those of us who try to do these things, and a good explanation for those who might wonder what we are about.

Tess said...

Yep. I love this.

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