Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Carving/Wassail Party 2012

This past summer, we learned that three of Dentist Husband's siblings were moving back to Utah.  My first thought was, "Oh, our Pumpkin Carving/Wassail Party is going to be so good this coming year."

And, it was.  
This party kicks off the "party season" for our family.  It is the first of a potential of eight we have at our house through January.  (We are still trying to decide if are going to reinstate the Miss America party we used to have . . .)  

The party in pictures below . . .

Let the carving begin!

Final outcomes.  And, in a first this year, two of the winners, including the top prize went to the 2nd generation (our kids).  There was some slight discontent about this.  I have a feeling next year, the adults will "bring it" in full force.  (You have to be 12 or older to enter the competition.  Any younger, you get a participation prize--this year, glow in the dark frisbees.) 

Above:  The "Best Overall" winner, carved by my son.  And the spider, done by the oldest nephew (age 16), won "Safe Bet."

Below:  "Coolest Concept" winner on the right.  Dentist Husband's grandfather was the designer behind the waving cowboy in Las Vegas--Vegas Vic.  So, this pumpkin was in homage to him "Vic R Treat"

Below: Dentist Husband's sister and her husband won "Pumpkin Smashers Choice".  It was a "concept design" with him pretending to be Twiki from Buck Rogers.  He really played it up but it still earned them the one pumpkin smashers would choose to smash first.  

 Below:  (Far left) "Nice Try, Failed Attempt winner.  It was "Nice Try, Failed Attempt" because she carved the words "I feel so empty inside" on the back to create a shadow but we couldn't read it.  And the letters we could read, made no sense.  She is expecting her 2nd child in February and so her husband did a "where pumpkin babies come from" (far right) which was close to winning several awards but came up short every time.  (Which is too bad, because it was hilarious.) 

And, in a new addition to the fun this year, the Pumpkin Smashers Choice winner got to smash a pumpkin.  It was a huge hit.  

All in all a huge success.  And to all of Dentist Husband's siblings reading this, get ready for lots of Honey Baked Ham because as you know, that is the main food of choice at all upcoming parties.  I promise I won't bring out the one from last year . . .


jo said...

Rock that candy shop! What a great party this year. Props to toothsome #1! That's a huge honor.

Alissa said...

Looks like a really fun party--fun to have family around.

Tess said...

These pictures are so great - mine always turn out fuzzy when I try to do the nighttime pumpkin. Ah, fall was too short this year.

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