Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Small Gifts

I have been reflecting on the small, simple gifts that come daily into my life. I don't think people realize they even give them to me or might not even consider them much of a gift, but for me, they are life changing. Some examples:

1. The friend, who knows I hate to sew, who offers to sew on my son's Cub Scout patches.

2. The e-mail sent from a friend telling me that she feels that I have always been part of her circle of friends and that she can't imagine me not being there. What a compliment!

3. The mother of my husband's best friend, who held toothsome #4 so I could eat my meal with TWO hands.

4. The friend who always answers the phone when I call (even though she has caller ID) because she knows I need to talk.

5. The child who gets his own breakfast in the morning.

6. The friend who passes on a "must have" simple tasty recipe.

7. The parent who reminds me that part of parenting is driving my kids to their various practices and that I should remember to enjoy that part too.

8. The friend, who knows we don't have cable, who burns on CD High School Musical 2 for me and my kids to watch.

9. The friend, who in her efforts to diet, drops off the cookies she made and then decided to give them away instead of tempt her.

10. The friend, who after seeing the holes in my ceiling reminds me to call my insurance agent and have them pay for the repairs, since that is why we have Home Owners Insurance.

Those are just a handful of gifts--I could name SO many more. I hope that I can reciprocate similar gifts to others.


Paige said...

Great reminders! And those are some good people you have around you.

love.boxes said...

Friends like that are what make people truly rich.

Gabriela said...

Great post!

I didn't realize TS#1 was getting baptized-WOW!!!

Congrats to him. :)

Laurie said...

Those are great reminders. It sounds like you have an amazing group of friends! It is so important to focus on the positive.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard of 'badge magic'? It is a special, super easy glue for those scouting patches. So easy, my 8 year old does it almost by himself! What a good reminder this blog was of all the special people who touch our lives in little ways. Thanks for that.