Friday, August 31, 2007

Big Changes Are 'A Comin'

My life is changing in a major way staring on Tuesday. Why you ask?

1. Toothsome #2 starts Kindergarten
2. Toothsome #3 starts pre-school

And, in my attempts to be a better mother and give my kids more individual time, I have put toothsome #3 in morning pre-school and toothsome #2 in afternoon Kindergarten. That way, while one is at school, I can have alone time with the other. Toothsome #4 will of course still be at home, but I am hoping that I can really focus on each child individually while the other is gone. Am I crazy? Should I have had them both gone at the same time? I don't know but in my sleep deprived, guilt-inducing mind it made sense to me when I signed them up, so I am sticking with it.

Tuesday is the big day. I am having a mixture of emotions. Toothsome #2 is SO ready for school but I will miss her company. Thank goodness it is for just 1/2 a day.


love.boxes said...

You made the right decision. They grow up too fast so enjoy every minute. I'm sitting here thinking how great it is that Monday is a holiday and I'm hoping to have little c to myself maybe a mom and daughter movie day :)

di said...

i understand how you are feeling. i, too, have very mixed emotions about tuesday. i cannot believe that my #1 will be in full day kindergarten and that #2 will be in preschool 2x a week. 6 hours to my self a week! what is a girl to do? i know that i will spend a lot of time volunteering at the school, cleaning my house, etc. but i am really going to miss having my boys with me all day! we'll chat and cry together several times on tuesday!