Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dinner in the Canyon and MVP

Last night for Family Home Evening, dentist husband and I took the kids up the canyon for dinner. One of my favorite things about living in Utah is the closeness and accessibility of the mountains. In the summer and fall, we try to go up regularly and have a hot dog roast and let the kids run around, and get dirty. We also have the tradition of trying to time it to go up just before the first snow fall and get one last "canyon run" in before it snows. It is always really cold until we get the fire going but after that, it is great. I've included some pictures.

Also, this past Saturday, toothsome #1 had soccer game and was named MVP of the game! This was amazing for a lot of reasons, mostly because he is the youngest and smallest on the team. (Dentist husband and I are not big people--5'6" and 5'3" and have produced very short children. It is not until Kindergarten before any of my kids make it on the charts.) All summer long, I have taken him to practices and watched as he has been the weakest player on the field. I kept on debating with myself if having him play on a competitive team was worthwhile for him. I wondered if it would have been better to keep him on the city (and much easier) league. I have wondered if the other boys get frustrated with his playing. Anyway, in the past two weeks, some switch clicked with him and he has become a strong, aggressive, really good player! On Saturday, we played against a team that had boys 6-7 inches taller than my son and that didn't stop him of going after them. He was amazing and really did deserve the MVP status. It was so fun to watch!


Paige said...

Hooray for Soccer Boy!

Gabriela said...

Fun FHE.

AND... Congrats toothsome #1!!!

love.boxes said...

I know you thought about that decision carefully too. You obviously made the right one. Congratulations #1 that is just fantastic!