Friday, September 7, 2007

Tasty Peach Yumminess

Peach season is upon us and I have discovered two wonderful ways to eat peaches. I should say that to me, a plain, unadulterated peach is one of the greatest flavors in the world but these two "recipes" are fun.

Sliced peaches and Milky Way Candy bars. Together, the taste explosion is wonderful.

When camping, my husband likes to experiment with "Tin Foil Dinner" desserts and his latest was peaches, Lorna Doone cookies and Milky Way (sliced thinly throughout the whole thing) and cooked tin foil dinner style until hot. WONDERFUL!


love.boxes said...

Sounds good too! I'm going to get a lot chubbier reading this blog these days. :)

michelle said...

My mouth is watering!