Monday, September 3, 2007


I just added the "labels" section on my blog and realized that I haven't posted anything recently on books for a while. Book Club meets at my house this month and I chose a book, "Predators, Prey and Other Kinfolk--Growing Up In Polygamy" by Dorothy Allred Solomon. I read it several years ago and thought it was an interesting perspective on the subject. I am curious to hear what my fellow book club members think of it. It has potential to create A LOT of discussion.

I am finally (almost) finished with "A Pathway to the Seas" by David McCullough. I have loved all of his books (I am a big history fan) and having lived in Central America as a child and actually seen the Panama Canal, I have found this one VERY interesting and honestly, loved every page. However, my life has been so crazy, it has taken me a while to get through it. I would highly recommend it or anything else he has written.

I am also rereading "Absolutely American" by David Lipsky. In 1998, West Point invited the author to come to stay at the Academy and have unprecedented access to everything there. He essentially follows one class from Freshman year to graduation, and selecting various people from the Academy, he tells a compelling story. It ends just after 9/11 and I have often wondered what happened to those graduates he talks about with such frankness in the book. I plan on e-mailing the author and asking for a follow-up. The book can be crass at times but I found it very fascinating. But beware, it is definitely PG-13 and sometimes R.

In re-checking out Absolutely American I discovered, "Black Cadet in a White Bastion" by Brian Shellum. I have just started this one but so far have loved it. It is about the 3rd black man to graduate from West Point and the first attain a full career of military service. Again, as a fan of history, I am enjoying this one.


love.boxes said...

Janice.. I'm so fascinated by your book choices. I would love to hear about the polygamy book. A friend of mine is a lawyer who works with the Attourney Generals office. Polygamy is still a big issue legally in this state. Flaunters like Mr. Green and predators, who prey on underage girls including relatives, are being prosecuted. However, studies show that polygamy as a lifestyle choice is not beneficial to women and children. There are some who want to take legal action against anyone found practicing and there are others who feel that it is a First Ammendment right to practice polygamy as part of a religious practice (although court presidence says no) as long as women and girls are not being forced into it. But, I ask... what about the boys? .. all those lost boys from Colorado City. An interesting topic and I haven't even read the book yet. :)

Laurie said...

Janice - can you e-mail me your mailing address? I'm getting ready to send out my "Pay It Forward Good Mail". laurie(at)executivehomemaker(dot)com. Thanks so much!

I'm interested in your book choices as well. I've really enjoyed my book club because it's gotten me to read books I wouldn't have other wise.

Gabriela said...

They all sound interesting! I just joined a different kind of book club here in Brazil-I'll have to write about it.

David said...

Many of the cadets had a challenging time out in the Army -- and many have been worn down by the pace of deployments. George Rash deployed to Iraq, served his five, and has left the Army. Huck Finn, too, has left the Army, after serving in Afghanistan; Ryan Southerland received a Bronze Star, volunteered for a second deployment (working very closely with an Iraqi unit) and left the Army. The Keirsey Family - J.D., Kent, and LTC Henry (Ret.) as a contractor - continue to proudly serve their country. I makes me choke up to write it; they are wonderful people.

Janice said...

David: WOW! I don't know how you found me but thank you for the follow-up. Ever since reading your book, I have thought regularly about those soldiers and what they have done and are doing for our country. Your book has left an unerasable mark on me. Thank you.

David said...

Thank you, Janice. I had the great pleasure of spending those four years there, and your real hope as a writer is to get the reader to, essentially, have the same experience you did. Reading your post I know you did, and that means a huge amount to me, and I know it means even more to the 4000 cadets up there and all the graduates on what LTC Keirsey calls "the frontier of freedom." And also at LTC Keirsey would say, "Keep up the fire."