Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts

Ok, you might all hate me but I am done handing out neighbor gifts. Yes, you heard right, I am. For the last several years, my husband's office manager and I work together to come up with a neighbor/other dentists and associates Christmas gift. This year, she found an amazing local gourmet donut shop that was willing to give us a price break because we ordered so many. It is called Beyondglaze and holy cow, they are some of the greatest donuts on the planet. They make all of these exotic flavors, like Key Lime, Peach Cobbler, etc. So, I can cross that off my list.

My daughter finished dancing The Nutcracker this weekend. It is one of my favorite holiday things to do with her and we had a WONDERFUL time again this year. She was beautiful on stage and I am so impressed with how far she has become.

After a month of agony and worry, my son had his first ski lesson at the school sponsored Ski School. He was up several times the night before anxious about it and it was a HUGE deal to finally get him in his snow gear and on the ski bus. When he came home, all he would tell me was, "Thanks for buying me the t-shirt that goes with ski school." After much prodding, I learned that he really liked it and is excited to go back. (So, all of the drama beforehand was unnecessary. Aghhh.)

My Christmas cards are mostly out. Still waiting for some addresses. I have read about 5 Christmas romance novels. You can read my reviews on my goodreads page. ---> I realize Christmas romance novels are not really review worthy but some are definately better than others.

Christmas fun has indeed begun around here. I suppose I should be like most mothers and make some yummy food. I wish cooking was something I liked doing. I really hate it. I could honestly eat at Cafe Rio daily and be happy. (They just put one in down the street from us, so that is highly possible and is hugely tempting to do.)

Well, I need to make kids put their laundry away. Happy Christmas!


michelle said...

Good for you on the neighbor gifts! Nothing feels better! I gotta check out your christmas romance list, sounds like a great idea!

love.boxes said...

What a great gift too! I love donuts. Our neighbor has a party and makes them homemade for the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. I can't wait!

Your card is so beautiful, by the way... Thank you!

ash said...

What's this about doughnuts? I couldn't think of a better gift. And way to go toothsome #2 on the Nutcracker. Also, toothsome #1's ski class sounds awesome! We got your Christmas card, very nice family photo. See you soon!

Gabriela said...

Luckily (???) we don't really have neighbors, so I don't have to worry about that. One less thing.

Those donuts sound AWESOME. I'll have to check it out when I'm there.

Ok, I am ordering my Christmas cards TODAY. Hopefully you'll get it before Christmas.

I wouldn't worry about the cooking thing. You do a TON of good mom stuff. :)

sara said...

dude, you are so on top of things! since you're ahead of the game, how about flying out to NY this week and helping me put on my ward xmas party?

i'm one step behind you on the neighbor gifts. the kids and i made peppermint bark this weekend, and it's freezing in the garage. now if i would stop eating it, there might actually be some to hand out to the neighbors!

Janice said...

Sara: Yuck. That is probably the worst calling ever. I've done it.

sara said...

yeah, it stinks. i can't enjoy the season at all... all i can do is stress about the party on saturday. i've had trouble sleeping the last two night i'm so worked up about it. at least i know i'm done after this... they just called me back into young women's.