Friday, June 12, 2009

First and Lasts

Toothsome #3 Last Day of pre-school
1st Day of pre-school
1st Day of 3rd Grade
1st Day of 1st Grade
Last Day of school

Time flies.


Carrie said...

Cute kids! Time is going by way too fast.

Lisa said...

Time does fly! (I wish it would slow down a little!)

ash said...

Man, those kidlins are too cute.

David said...

ditto what lisa said! she always gets to pages before me and says what i would have said.

i just saw A Room With A View listed in your favorite movies on your profile! how funny. i didn't even know about that before i wrote about the remains of the day! i need to rewatch the age of innocence.

Gabriela said...

Such a good idea. They have grown up this year! Especially TS #1 (I think)