Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mothers and Daughters

Last weekend was our ward's Fathers and Sons outing.  When toothsome #2 was little, she was very upset that toothsome #1 got to go on a special outing with Dad and she was left behind.  Thus began, "Mothers and Daughters".  

Past years, toothsome #2 would come up with a long list of activities for us to do ranging from painting finger and toe nails to staying up late watching the stars to going to the store to get a special treat.  This year was much more low key as school had gotten out that day, and truth be known, we were all pretty exhausted.  Instead, we stayed home, ordered pizza and watched a movie.  Below are our attempts at capturing a picture with all three of us in it.    

Yesterday, I spent about two hours pulling out some bushes that never did very well in front of our house and planting these, green spire Euonymus,instead.  I gave myself a huge blister doing it but it was well worth it.  My front flower bed finally looks like how I envisioned when we built our house.  I still need to find a cute bench to go under the windows but that is lower on my priority list right now.  In about a month, the flowers will be in full bloom and I will be happy.


Carrie said...

I have spent many hours pulling shrubs that didn't do well or that I simply didn't like. The worst are Barberry bushes because of the nasty thorns that go right through your gloves. But your hard work paid off; it looks great!

Paige said...

Oh, the joy of planting.

ash said...

Garden looks great! Love the series of mother/daughter pics.

Gabriela said...

You guys are so cute.

Ok, I'm sure you've heard this before, but we were watching the Sound of Music yesterday and darned if Toothsome #2 doesn't look like Gretal (is that her name? You know, the youngest one). TS's cuter, but still, they are similar, dont' you think?

love.boxes said...