Tuesday, November 3, 2009

10th Annual Pumpkin Carving/Wassail Party

We had our annual Pumpkin Carving/Wassail Party again this year. This is our 10th year of doing this and it is my favorite family party.

My sister-in-law brought these "mini-carmel apples". I think she said she got this idea from Family Fun.
Toothsome #2 made these hilarious signs that she posted all over the house.
Let the carving begin . . .

Some of the finished pumpkins

One of the prizes this year were these hilarious fake mustaches. They weren't really that hilarious until we all started wearing them and taking pictures. None of us could stop laughing.

The five categories for prizes this year were:
Best Overall
Nice Try, Failed Attempt
Pumpkin Smasher's Choice
Coolest Concept
Safe Bet

We all agreed we need to add one more category next year and that will be "Best Presentation." At the end of the night, after we all sung "Ghost of John" in a round, we all take turns explaining our pumpkin designs. This year, people even wore costumes to explain their pumpkins, used fake accents, etc. It was absolutely wonderful.


jo said...

One of the best parties on the planet.

Thanks for posting.

I miss you cool dudes.

Tess said...

what fun! my favorite is the 'oof limit' sign


kel said...

sigh. we love the PC/WP. i would have loved to get in on those mustaches!

Gabriela said...

Your party looks awesome-every year I hear about it I wish I could go to such a cool party. :)

Mindy said...

looks like alot of fun!!! Wish I Had family close by. LUCKY

ash said...

Those mustaches are great. Hours of entertainment for sure! Wish we could have been there. That's great that the basement was "OOF LIMITS." Love that.