Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday Evening Fun

My kids didn't have school yesterday and all day, they kept on saying, "When is Dad going to come home?" Mom is fine if Dad is not around but once he gets home, they all want him (with the exception of toothsome #3 who has been mine since he came out of the womb.)

So, while he was at work, we decided that when he got home, we would all get in the car and drive to Chadders in Provo. In-N-Out is coming to our area soon and we all know that we likely won't bother to drive to Provo to eat Chadders, since the reason we do that now is because we don't have an In-N-Out close by. (Sorry Chadders but thank you again for filling the In-N-Out void for the last few years.)

Anyway, the drive down was fun, eating there was fun and then we headed over to the BYU Bowling lanes for a night of bowling. For some reason, we all love bowling and we all love doing it together. None of us are very good but it doesn't seem to matter. (I always try to break 100 and usually do but with the amount of bowling we have done for the last few years, I should be MUCH better.) We typed in our fake names (last night, I was "Spare" and Dentist husband was "Strike") and we go at it.

In general, Dentist husband and I are pretty serious adults (even though my husband is absolutely hilarious) but last night, we spent the whole night teasing each other like we were 14 year olds. We both hate people touching our face and after every bowl, with our very dirty hands, we would try and rub them on each other's face while the other was being distracted by our four kids. We got them in on the act and by the end of the night, in the BYU bowling ally, I was on his back, rubbing my black hands all of his face with the kids cheering me on. We honestly spent from about 4:00-9:00 pm laughing together as a family.

It was a delightful evening.


David said...

what a fun night!

I didn't know that byu still has bowling lanes. are they on the bottom floor of the wilkinson center?

Where do you live, SLC? why did I have the idea you were in CO? I must be going crazy.

And finally, and this is my main point, YOU ARE GETTING IN N OUT!? I thought it was special to southern california!!! Of course I'm happy for you :) but it's always been fun when people outside the state get jealous about our IN N OUT!

Gabriela said...

I've never heard of chadders. My FIL is pretty excited about In and Out coming to Utah.

I am also a horrible bowler, but we have fun doing it too. I don't think quite as much fun as you guys, but it's still fun.

michelle said...

Sounds like a perfect evening! I just noticed that fam picture over there, super cute!

Jane Anne said...

love it.

Carrie said...

My husband particularly "loves" it when I rub his face after a long day and he's a little.....scruffy. We went to In-N-Out when we were in St. George and we were quite happy to learn it was coming to your neighborhood. It will certainly be a treat when we're in Utah.


Love those kind of evenings.