Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Card Rejects

Last year, we paid a professional photographer to take our family Christmas card photo. The photo is spectacular and it has been used in all of my husband's dental ads for the last year. (The photo is the one with us in the sweaters on the left.)

Well, it was decided we would wait to do another professional family photo until the Spring and then we will use those photos for my husband's ads and our Christmas card picture next (2010) year. So, my sister-in-law generously offered to take some family pictures for us, so we wouldn't have to do the self timer and try and run into every photo. There is one that is really quite good but I thought for fun, I would post some of the rejects. Enjoy.
I don't like my hair in this picture and my boys aren't smiling.
No bad but there was a better one. Also, that is toothsome #3 current smile for posed pictures and it doesn't really look like him.
We are all too squinty in this photo but we ended up using a photo that is similar to this one for the Christmas card picture.


Tess said...

these are super cute -- if they are the 'rejects' I can't wait to see the chosen one :)

ash said...

Cute fam, cute fam indeed!

kel said...

what do you mean about Oscar's posed smile? he's always walking around with his lips curled under. ha ha. looking good y'all.