Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Dentist Husband

38 Reasons Why I Love Him:

1. He is a devoted father.
2. He does my girl's hair more than I do.
3. Has never missed work because he was sick.
4. Devoted to his patients at his dental practice, often going in on weekends and holidays to get them out of pain.
5. Has a killer sense of humor.
6. Is the most beautiful water skier/air chair rider I have ever seen.
7. Is very rational particularly when I am being irrational.
8. Never likes to sit around, so we are often "going some where fun" with him.
9. Plays nightly with my kids and makes up different games with them regularly.
10. Often will dance with my girls while they are in their ballet costumes.
11. Writes silly songs that we all end up singing together. (Where is the chin? Where is the chin? It's on the face. It's on the face. CHIN.)
12. Is a way better cook than I am but still eats the food I put on the table.
13. Looks at the world with clear lenses and often sees past the nonsense to see the reality of situations.
14. Is a horrible speller, which makes me better at him in just that one area.
15. Sacrificed a ton of fun in his life to get through dental school, so he could be such an amazing provider.
16. Doesn't complain when we eat out a lot.
17. Has no problem with the amount of Diet Coke I drink.
18. Has a beautiful smile and teeth.
19. Whenever I get invited on a girl's weekend, he always says, "Go!"
20. Makes people laugh regularly.
21. Dutifully brushes and flosses my kids teeth nightly.
22. Has a beautiful tenor voice.
23. Is the instigator for our Family Home Evenings every Monday night.
24. Loves the beach and always makes our trips there very fun.
25. Loves clean kids and often is the one to wash the kids.
26. He gets a five o clock shadow by 10 in the morning.
27. Never wears cologne. (I am not a fan.)
28. Is just as conservative as I am.
29. Prefers we do things together as a family regardless of the activity and will help me wrestle our youngest in the process. (Bowling, movies, eating out, ice skating, swimming, sledding etc.)
30. I love that he loves cars and has educated me on them.
31. He is a naturally happy person.
32. Can fall asleep easily (while I am often awake stewing about something.)
33. I love that he calls me regularly during the day, so we can stay connected.
34. He often will decide he wants to learn how to make a certain recipe and then spend all day researching and then making it.
35. Love that he take the kids out individually on "adventures."
36. Is devoted to our church's beliefs and lives a very Christ centered life.
37. Is an excellent problem solver.
38. Is an excellent husband.

Happy 38 years.


Paige said...

How sweet! I hope it's been a great birthday for him.

ash said...

Cheers and happy birthday. I hope you guys do something fun to celebrate (I know you will:)

jo said...

Oh, he's not that great.

Just kidding. Happy Birthday to your birthday month sharing dentist husband!

p.s. I taught the "chin" song to my freshman roomates and friends. They still remember it.

Frenchy chick said...

What a Lovely man!!! Happy Birthday!!

kel said...

yeah, he rocks. and nobody plays Black Pudding like him!

David said...

happy birthday!

Jenna said...

Awww... you're such a sweet wifey. This list gave me an idea of what to get my husband for his birthday. There's nothing like spending your days with the man you love the most. What's even better is that he knows exactly what to do when a dental emergency arises. =)

-Jenna Schrock