Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Nail "Incident" of 2010

The day before had been so good. Dentist husband's birthday was perfectly celebrated with fresh sushi, a Napoleon for dessert and gummy bears and the movie E.T. for family movie night. Dentist husband loved his presents, (an Arcteryx jacket, a sleeping pad from REI, Haribo gummy bears and silly putty) and we had a perfect fun night celebrating. The next day promised to be just as fun with a possible birthday lunch to Market Street Grill.

Instead, this happened:

Earlier in the day on his birthday, I had spent about a 1/2 hour downstairs working on dejunking our storage area in preparations for finishing our basement. I am about 1/2 way done and feeling like I am finally making noticeable progress. While down there, I found a 1/2 opened box of nails that I carried upstairs and out to our garage. Well, one must have fallen out and found by toothsome #4. She must of carried it over to our Great Room and dropped it there. Because. . .

Saturday morning, Dentist husband was wrestling with the kids when he stepped on said nail barefooted where it embedded itself about a 1/2 inch into his foot. You can imagine the pain, the hollering, the tears for the kids and Mom as Dentist Husband pulled the nail out of his foot and then proceeded to drip great amounts of blood all over the carpet. More tears (mostly by me) and panic. Fortunately, within 5 minutes, Dentist husband was in the car and at the Instacare where he got it washed out and received a tetanus shot.

When all was settled down, Dentist husband looked at me and said, "I have considered the possibility of stepping on a nail at a construction site, maybe even in a parking lot where construction is going on but NEVER in my home on the carpet in our Great Room."

Yep, it was pretty awful. Fortunately, he is just fine (though still in a lot of pain and limping considerably) but no tetanus or lock jaw and a wife who will feel horribly guilty for the next 30 years.


our family said...

After all the lovely things you said about him in your last post, I'm sure he'll forgive you for the nail incident!!

michelle said...

Poor Dentist husband! At least his birthday was still perfect. Hope he feels better soon!

Paige said...


Tess said...

oh, no! it's the NAIL'S fault. jumping out of the box and wandering around the house like that. sheesh.

hope he mends quickly and kudos to you for planning such a nice birthday for him - it sounds as if it was lovely.

Gabriela said...

Ohhhhh, that's awful! That hurts SO much. It's giving me shivers thinking about it.

Hope he feels better soon.

PS Happy Birthday

PPS I heart Haribo gummy bears too

Lisa said...

oh, ouch!!!!