Friday, February 19, 2010

So Plans Have Changed. . .

Well, I mentioned in a previous post, that February will be the month I clean out all my papers. That has changed because February has now become the month we empty our basement because we are going to finish it.

We have kicked this idea around for about six months but normally, we are slow starters. For us, kicking around an idea usually means about three years worth of kicking around. We don't just decide to do something and then do it. But, this time, we did. (There are a lot reasons why we are doing it now that I won't go into, but one major obstacle overcome was both of us deciding that we like our main two floors enough to just do the same paint, cabinets, fixtures, carpet, etc. down in the basement. Way less decision making and zero spousal fighting.)

Anyway, back in November, I did decide that things were too messy and crazy down there. Most of our stuff was stored in different sized boxes or just thrown down in a pile. So in November, I did buy storage bins and very slowly started organizing things. In January, I did a little bit more. At the start of February, I thought, "I need to get really serious about this basement cleaning thing" but instead decided to focus on the "paper" thing. So, a little more was done, largely just in the huge filing cabinet I have down there.

Last Friday, I called my friend, who had her basement finished about 8 months ago and asked if we could come over and see it. (Dentist husband had said, "Gee, I never saw their finished basement, even though I did have a long conversation with R--- about it just after they started it.) She has the same floor plan as our house and we brought the kids. After over an hour there, my husband said, "Call her guy and get a bid." He was here on Tuesday. The bid was dropped off on Thursday and Friday morning (today), I called him and said, "When can you start?" Guess what? He can start Monday.

So, instead of going through all of my papers, I have to empty my basement. We have no room in our garage (ironically, when we got our third, very frivolous car, I took everything from our third car garage and dumped in our basement). So it looks like my front room will be the place everything is stored for the next few months. Wish me luck and don't stop by. Things are going to be chaos around here for while.


noelle said...

can't wait to see pictures when it's all done!

ash said...

I talked with husband about this and it sounds awesome. Looking forward to seeing it.