Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hangin' at the Hanger

A few weeks ago, my kids had Monday off my from school. Dentist husband doesn't see patients on Mondays so we headed out to his airplane hanger, hoping for good weather, so he could take them each for a short ride (his airplane is a two seater). The weather wasn't good enough to fly but fortunately, I had thought to bring some cones and ride-on toys. We ended up having a fun afternoon just hangin' in the hanger.
Alien artwork by Toothsome #1
My father-in-law keeps his kit-car (it is supposed to look like a Lotus but isn't or something like that) in the hanger as well as their airplane.
Roller blading, plasma caring and rip-sticking


ash said...

Wish I lived in SLC so I could have joined you guys that Monday. Looks splendid. And awesome alien by the way.

Tess said...

How very fun. Wouldn't it be great to go there on a super snowy day and let them bike and razor? Who else gets to bike in the winter?