Friday, March 5, 2010

New phone = new purse/tote

About a year ago, we ended up buying a new computer and decided to change from a PC to a Mac. It is has been a good change and we have been very happy with our Mac. Well, when our phone plan came up for renewal, I got a call telling me how for not much more money, we could upgrade our phones to iphones. So, I said yes to the iphone. My only complaint? The new phone does not fit in my current purse/planner situation deal. Below, you will see my old/purse planner deal.
I have been using the Franklin planner system for years (since my BYU days) and when my oldest was a baby, (remember he is almost 11), I found this purse on sale. I love this purse. I have taken it with me everywhere and used my planner/purse combo constantly. It has held up amazingly for over 10 years.

Again, my new iphone doesn't fit into this purse anymore and I am probably the only female I know who has used the same purse for over 10 years.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE to shop? So because Franklin Covey did me no wrong with my previous purse, I went back there. I met a nice salesman who informed me all of their purse/bags were on sale and I knew I would not leave the store with out a new one. (Again, I hate to shop, I find stores I like and go back there time and time again. There is a reason why the ladies in the Denver, CO Talbots knew me by name even though I lived in Boulder, CO and passed many female clothing stores to get there.)

Back to the purse . . . I ended up getting this. Remember, I got it on-sale and I hope to use it for the next 10 plus years. And, the one problem with my last purse was that I often was throwing it in a bag so I could take more things with me. With this new "tote" as it is called, I have it all in one and there is pocket that fits my iphone perfectly. I still miss my old purse/planner but I am loving this new one. There is room for many books, various toys, a notepad (for my kids to write on when we are some place and they are bored,) etc. Change is good.


Queen Elizabeth said...

Love the new tote. I love purses/totes where the inside is NOT black. It becomes an abyss.

I need a new "smartphone" (I am using a cell phone and a palm pilot - love both but want it all in one.) I am hesitant to switch to AT&T for some reason. Not sure why. Hubby has the iPhone and loves it. I keep thinking Verizon is going to get the iPhone and then I'll wish I waited.

Too much info? Probably... :)

michelle said...

Such a cute bag!

Minky said...

You hate to shop? Sheesh. I wish I hated to shop. I shopped just today, I practically have a Phd in shopping. In fact I still say it like Sister Petersen used to "s-h-o-pp-i-n-g like it's a bad word! Cute tote!

Gabriela said...

I really like it. Very nice.

And I LOVE my iPhone. Are you having fun with it?

Paige said...

Ok, I can't believe you kept the same purse for 10 years! I change purses whenever the mood strikes me .

Carrie said...

I must say that you were way over due for a new purse! Yes, that is an exclamation point because 10 years and one purse is an affront to womanhood. I love your new purse; very fancy. You'll have to let me know how you like your iPhone because I'm angling for one right now.

Britt said...

I can't believe you had one purse for 10 YEARS. You're awesome. I've lost mine, had them stolen, run over them with my car and had a child throw up in one.

The new one is super cute.

Jeanne said...

Love, love, love your new tote! I'm jealous. I tend to use the same purse for years and years too, although not quite 10 years :-)