Monday, May 10, 2010

Little Notes

I am still going through stacks of things in my house right now in my attempt to de-junk and only move back downstairs what I really want to keep. I am down to a few boxes of pictures that need to be put in albums and a few boxes of dental school stuff that Dentist Husband needs to sort through.

In going through my stacks, I found a file folder with about 15 notes that have been sent to me for the last few years. They are just your basic thank you notes from friends and family for gifts I have given or some act of service I have done for them. I am sure most of these people wrote the notes quickly without much thought given but each one has been saved for a line or two that meant something to me. Things like, "Wow! What a thoughtful gift. You really know me." or "I consider you a good friend." or "I appreciated your honesty in talking to me on the phone the other night."

I save these notes and bring them out when I am feeling less than perfect about things. They are a little support system to me to remind me that at times, in my daily dealings with people that I am good--not perfect, not ideal, not the best, but good. They give me that little lift when I need it.

I need to start sending similar notes to people for thoughtful things they have done for me because in those moments when I am just feeling "less than" they remind me of who I am.

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Paige said...

That's sweet. Please tell me you kept them.