Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Pictures

Like most you with school-aged children, life has been busy around here with end of the school year things piling up daily. I now have two children in braces, one dance recital behind me but another one still on the way, we have attended school carnivals, tested for Presidential Fitness, bought some bedding, forgotten about piano lessons one week, done a ton in preparation for Girls Camp, done a ton of work for my husband's upcoming 20 year reunion, etc.

Since my life feels like one disjointed motion, I am posting random pictures that I found on my iphoto with explanations about each one of them.
I can't get pictures to turn today. This is a picture of me and the other boys from Boulder, CO who sang with the BYU choirs just after we sang for General Conference. This was taken October 1993. I have known all of these boys since birth and they indeed like brothers to me. I spent holidays in most of their homes, our parents held church callings together, we attended the same schools and played in each others yards. I adore these men and amazed that we all are so grown up now doing wonderful things. Go Boulder. (Oh, I have no idea who the girl in the red dress is.)
Cute door, Josh, the foreman who finished our basement put on the kids playhouse under the stairs. Kelly, doesn't he look surprisingly like someone you are married to?
My beautifully organized, new storage room. There is now a ton of food storage on the one empty shelf.
New bike helmets for my two youngest. Thank you Robert J Debry who sells them for $5 each.
My cute husband in high school. My sister in law just gave me stack of old school photos of my husband. This is my favorite. Isn't he darling?


jo said...

don't we still have "Property of St. Louis" somewhere. You should add that to the collection :).

Kari said...

An organized storage closet! My unrealized dream at this point... I also think we have the same light fixtures in our hallway, that you have in your storage closet.

Janice said...

Yes, they are in my hall too. Home Depot had them on sale.

Paige said...

Oh, the joys of spring.

Lisa said...

$5.00 helmet?! wow, that's a steal.

I have been in the market to buy one for Elisabeth to wear while we ride the Taga..but I can't fine one small enough to fit her tiny head (it hasn't grown since her bain hasn't grown). Oh well...