Friday, October 8, 2010

Because she insisted . . .

This is Toothsome #4's best friend.  She lives up the street.  They go to the same dance and pre-school and her older sister is good friends with toothsome #2.  They play almost daily and are a delight to behold.  Best friend was really excited about toothsome #4 birthday.  More so, I think than toothsome #4.  

Here is how we celebrated toothsome #4's birthday.  An early, wake-up, "It's Your Birthday" by her older siblings.  (She was in our bed because she came in at 4:00 am, asking if she was four yet.  We were too tired to make her go back in her bed, so she was in ours.) 

She saw and ran through her birthday banner on her bedroom door.

We opened presents at 7:00 am.

She got her "horsey with a hat" (unicorn) Pillow pet.

So, we were done with her birthday at about 7:15 am.  However, best friend, was not.  They happened to have dance together that day, and she kept on leaving dance to come to me and say, "I need to go to your house for Toothsome #4's birthday.  I want cake and balloons."  (Toothsome #4 kept on telling her that her birthday was over and that made best friend very upset.)  She also brought it up when I drove them both to pre-school and when I drove them home from pre-school. She was very adamant that toothsome #4 have a birthday party, where there were balloons and a cake and she was going to be there.  

So, because she insisted, I pulled one together in about a 1/2 hour.

Here we are having a birthday party that toothsome #4 didn't really care about, but best friend did.  We invited another friend (who they both adore who lives close by) as well.

Here they are in a very messy bedroom (cringe) having a great time.  

I'm so glad best friend insisted she have one.  It ended up being a really fun party! 


Queen Elizabeth said...

You are definitely a good sport.

Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday #4! it's kind of freaking me out that it's been 4 years.

That's the kind of party I could handle-one where I didn't have to stress out about it for days before. :)

Tess said...

you're such a good mom

and, I love the birthday cute is that?

Anonymous said...


David said...

toothsome #4 is 4? Happy birthday! I remember being 4. That was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, seemingly lol

Jane Anne said...

I think the birthday party was a funny story!

jo said...

Happy B-day little #4. What a cute little gal. I can't wait to see you all at Christmas!