Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's October in Our House

For me, October is the most glorious of all months.  Honestly, I live the other 11 months, happy but anxiously awaiting the return of Fall.  So around here, October is big news.  

We have done the annual painting of the Halloween ghosts on our front window.  For a past edition and an explanation, go here.

My kids and I are wearing our new Halloween shirts daily (which I wash nightly, so yes, most of the month, my kids are wearing the same shirt.)  And yes, I did succumb and buy matching Hannah Andersson ones for the girls again.  Honestly, how could I not?  

And today, I purchased these from Pottery Barn Kids.  I can just see so many fun meals on these plates the whole month of October.

In an unrelated note, last week, my daughter's pre-school had "Howdy Day" which meant, the kids could dress up as cowboys.  Obviously, cowboy themed items are not big in our house because look at this pathetic attempt at a cowboy outfit for Toothsome #4.  It was even too hot to wear jeans, so again, pathetic attempt.  (She did have sandals on when she went to school.  I am not completely lame.)  


jennie said...

I love the painted windows! What a fun idea!

Kari said...

Awesome October tradition at your house! I loved the painted ghosts on the windows. And while I will chuckle at the "Roooooot Canal," it will get a truly frightened yelp out of my poor husband, who has 3 of those under his belt.

(I was also relieved that you sent your child to school with sandals ON. And I thought WE lived in the "sticks..." tee-hee!:) )