Monday, November 15, 2010

Things that Make Me Happy Recently

A party I started 11 years ago, because I was home sick and wanted people come to come to my house, is still going strong.  

My independent 6 year old, carved his own pumpkin this year.  No help.  It was very free form and my favorite of the whole night.  

My girls in matching Hannah Andersson dresses.  

No picture, but the fact that my 11 year old son can pogo stick around the block (1/2 mile) without stopping.  

No picture, but the fact that Christmas shopping is almost done.  

No picture, but that I finished "A Pilgrim at Tinker Creek" by Annie Dillard.  It was a dense read but a perfect "fall" read.  It won the Pulitzer prize years ago.  Not a book I recommend to many because it was very dense and some of her conclusions didn't completely mesh with me but it was a challenging read and good one for me at the moment.  

I'll blog more consistently, I promise, maybe.


Kari said...

Pogo-sticking around the block!! How cool is that. Teresa (my daughter) asked for a unicycle last Christmas--maybe your son can try that next.

Oh, and I have to plug my author friend, who just published a very entertaining book, maybe more for younger/tween girls: Secondhand Charm by Julie Berry. Last year's book was Amaranth Enchantment. Both good!

kel said...

the annual pumpkin carving and wassail party makes me happy too.

Britt said...

YOU make me happy. What a cute family.