Monday, December 13, 2010

I could feel it coming . . .

I could feel it coming, it was like my body was trying to tell me something and I was ignoring it.  Like most people, my November/December has been packed with holiday activities.  I have tried to be rational and realistic and turned down many requests to attend functions, help with certain things, etc.  I tried to only fill my days with good, important things.  This past Monday, my body was saying, "Slow down."  I ignored it.  My child got the stomach flu on Tuesday night and I spent the whole Wednesday with her on my lap (between getting up and trying to get things done).  I thought that was my day of rest.

Friday was very busy but I managed to relax in the evening, watching Elf with my kids and husband.  Saturday morning, I felt yucky, but who doesn't feel yucky after staying up late, eating like crap and enjoying her kids company?  Saturday afternoon (while at the Dicken's Festival watching my daughter dance), I really started to feel yucky.  I rationalized, "It is the weather.  The crowd is loud and busy.  I'm not getting sick."  Saturday evening, after another family movie night, "A Christmas Carol", it hit me.  My body said, "No more."

I won't go into the details but I couldn't really leave the bathroom for about 10 hours.  That was it.  I gave in.  I called in a sick day.  I stayed in my PJ's all Sunday.  I took three long hot baths.  I read a very silly Christmas romance novel.  I didn't drink my many Diet Cokes I have been using to get through the day. (Gatorade was the only "safe" choice.)   I just sat.  It was pure heaven.   Dentist husband got it.  He completely took care of the kids, meals and all.  

Today, I woke up feeling normal.  More normal than I have in DAYS.  I get it.  My body was talking and telling me to slow down.  I said no and my body said, "Well then, I will make you slow down."  I'm just grateful it only took one day to recover.  And yes, tonight, we are all going to bed early.  :)

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Amy E. said...

Thanks for the reminder! I think my body may be telling me the same thing. I have had a sick 2 1/2 year old on and off for a little over a week -which has really cut into my sleep time, what and with everything else going on at this time of year! We had chicken noodle soup tonight (not homemade this time) and I am really hoping for a good night's sleep. Glad you are feeling better!