Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Nutcracker and Party Girl Hair

Toothsome #2 has been doing The Nutcracker with her dance studio, since she started dancing at age 4.  It is the most magical weekend of the whole Christmas season for me and it is such a joy to have my daughter do it every year.  I commend all of the hard work and true labor of love that the owner of the studio does every year to make it so every little girl can have a chance to dance in The Nutcracker.  After years of having various parts, my daughter is now dancing at a level that has her on stage more often and she became a "party girl".  This is a big deal for the young dancers and for my daughter, it was no exception.
Here she is in her "Party Girl" outfit.  We had the option to rent one from the studio or have one made.  Because toothsome #4 is now taking dance, I decided to have it made thinking she will eventually get to wear it.  It  love how it turned out.  
Here are my two girls, a "Party girl" and a "mouse."  

The only issue with being a party girl is that my daughter had to have her hair in ringlets and it had to stay for longer than about 20 minutes.  After several failed attempts, I finally asked my hairstylist and she  gave me her stuff.  So I don't forget and maybe to help others, this is what I ended up doing.  Thank you Brandy-Michelle!

Toothsome #4's hair 

Starch spray--Redken brand.

This type of curling iron--one with no "clip".  I divided her hair into two parts (a bottom layer and a top layer) and sprayed her hair with starch spray and then curled her hair using the above iron.  I occasionally sent her outside to the cold air to help it "set".  Even by late Saturday night, it still looked like I had just curled it.  Success! 

Now onto Christmas cards . . .


Melinda said...

What darling girls. I'm glad you had such a great time. And thanks for the starch spray tips. They may come in handy.

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

So that's how those curls stay in place - I always wondered about that! :)

Your girls are adorable!

Lisa Christine said...

Tis the season for curls, isn't it!

She looks adorable!