Monday, January 3, 2011

Clothing Items I have Discovered and Love in 2010

I am reorganizing today and spent quite awhile on my closet.  It has held Christmas gifts since around June, so I needed to rework it now that the season is over.  Below is a list of clothing discoveries that I have loved this past year.

1.  Lee Jeans:  Back in my junior high days, I wore Lee Jeans.  Then, I discovered Talbots in high school and didn't shop anywhere else for about 10 years.  I hate shopping and so once I find something I like, I don't change unless I am forced to.  Marrying a dental student (ie having no money) and then having kids forced me to find clothes that I didn't to have iron or worry about.  (Don't worry Talbots, I still adore you.)
Anyway, in 2010 my friend Paige alerted me to their great sales and on a whim  and because they were cheep, I purchased on-line without trying them on, a pair of Lee Jeans.  Guess what?  They fit like a glove and I can purchase them in "small" inseam meaning, I don't have roll up my pant legs or have them too long and dragging.  Thank you Lee Jeans.  I now own several pairs, all of which I didn't ever try on before buying them and they fit perfectly.

2.  Lands End Yoga Pants:  I have been searching for comfortable, wear around the house but still look respectable out in public pants.  These fit the bill.  I own them in every color.

3.  Land End Canvas:  This is a new line at Lands End.  I think it is geared to the "hipper" set.  I am not claiming I am hip by any means but I own many of their sweaters and I love them all.  They also have some amazing sales with free shipping, so I haven't paid full price for anything yet.  I get a ton of complements on the items when I wear them.  Glad to have found this new addition to the Lands End line.

4.  Lole clothing:  I purchased some from REI on sale and I am now converted.  Most if not all are SPF 50.  They pricey but I always buy on sale and am always very happy with what I have purchased.

Happy 2011.  May I find other great clothing items.

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michelle said...

I am going to check out the yoga pants, you can never have enough of the kind you described